Three Applications for Drawing Pixel Art in Your Android without Volverte Loco

I like the pixel art, You may have to see that grew up playing video games in the 90s where the dots on the screen defined (sometimes pouring much imagination) a virtual world before me. Those simple games we have become real artists that are able to do real wonders with more definition, depth, shading with a handful of points…

Okay, maybe with the mobile do not you go to create images as mind-boggling as that heads the article. Eye, not so much because you’re good or not, but because the screen of a mobile phone or a tablet is perhaps not the best tool. That Yes, You can take off the bug or learn the basics later, jumping into a computer and do more processing things. Either way, we leave three applications to give pixel art on Android without becoming crazy.


If we want to start in the world of pixel art on Android is a perfect application for this purpose: dotpict. This application coming from Japan is the ideal tool to learn the basics and incidentally make quick drawings without too many pretensions. The best thing is its system of navigation and design that will make that hard mistake to paint since we have to press two buttons to paint.

It is a very basic application, so that the color palettes are very limited. You can download several, but here we find a rather annoying limitation of first. It has fewer tools but even with that it remains the most recommended application to get started. It’s free, with ads, and also includes a social network where we can see the creations of other users.

dotpict tools

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: dotpicko
  • Download: Google Play


Pixly is the work of two years of Gustavo Maciel. An application to create sprites in a very simple way and reminds editors more powerful for this type of drawings. Easy to use but hard to master. Admittedly the creator that the effort was well worth it since it is by far the best application that exist for Android in its category.

Offers many options: paint brushes of all kinds, modify the thickness of each, creation of frames to make animations. It is not the best to start the interface and the gestures we make to move has a slight difficulty curve but once caught it the trick is outstanding.

The application is free and some that includes another ad but not are annoying. If you like, you can make a donation through a purchase within the application.

Pixly tools

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Gustavo Maciel
  • Download: Google Play

Pixel Art editor

Of the three applications that you teach today, Pixel Art Editor is perhaps the most conventional of all. With aesthetic of old-school editor, a bit away from being a reference editor but it is a tool that is worth a look after having made the leap from the dotpict.

Does not have an interface as well ranked or pretty as Pixly but it is a solid application which is very easy to draw and do elaborate things. There are quite a few options, is free and an alternative to keep in mind though, in my opinion, the most logical leap is the second application of this list.

Pixel Art Editor tools

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: DevSpace
  • Download: Google Play

The cover image has been done by AbyssWolf (Daniel Oliver).