These Filtered Images Could Belong to a Prototype of The IPhone 6

Leaks related to the upcoming smartphone from Apple continue its course. The protagonists of this post are some images that, according to those responsible for its disclosure, belong to a prototype of the iPhone 6 that someone could have ‘extracted’ production chain.

Are not the first photographs of a «alleged» iPhone 6 that make their way online, and probably will not be the last we’ll see until the signing of the Apple has its terminal officially, but the truth is that, if it’s a forgery, which, of course, we can not dismiss it, is fairly well done.

The most striking is that its size, if compared with the dimensions of the hand of the person who holds it, and you look at its proportions, seems to indicate that it could be incorporated 4.7-inch screen which have been talking about several months. In addition, in the bottom frame, just below the screen, we can see the identity ID Touch sensor (or a button that mimics it), and in another photograph can be seen clearly the connector minijack for headphones, and, most importantly, the Lightning connector.

Honestly, I don’t know if these images really belong to a prototype of the iPhone 6, but, of course, this terminal seems to be well machined, so, at least, there might be a possible clone made by any manufacturer of Chinese smartphones. Even so, it is worth taking it into account. Just in case.

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