These Are The Reasons Why Apple Could Release Mobile with More Than Four Inches

Steve Jobs was a peculiar person. Know that all of us who have followed the steps given to make Apple what it is today. His attitude towards life and the business allowed him to achieve great achievements, but he also had a “dark side” which dragged it toward notable errors. In addition to the technological development that promoted as head of the Cupertino company almost until the time of his death, Jobs has left us a huge string of quips; some inspiring, others very questionable.

One of them said that most of the time people don’t know what they want until someone [inspired] teaches him. It is clear that in this sentence I was talking about the ability of Apple to create trends. Sometimes it is true that they have succeeded to define new markets, but not all Jobs prophecies have been fulfilled. One of them said that he and his engineers were convinced that the size suitable for their iPhones and iPods was 3.5 inches, and he criticized the 4 inch Android mobile. But since then they have changed many things in Apple.

On 12 September 2012 Tim Cook and the rest of the directors of the company presented the iPhone 5. The first mobile equipped with Apple’s a 4 inch screen. The 3.5 inches that Jobs had assured that they do not exceed had passed to better life. But this is not the only “transgression” carried out by Cook and his team. Many users of the brand are convinced that Siri, Apple express support to charities from their own website and some decisions that affect the design of interfaces for the company’s products, have not been allowed under any circumstances by Steve Jobs. And it is possible that they are right.

This is what seems to keep in sleeve

Countless leaks that have occurred during the past few months have anticipated us that the Cupertino could launch this year not one, but two new iPhone 6. One of them looks like that it will have a display of 4.7 inch, and the other could reach the 5.5 inch, how you have counted on Engadget Mobile over the past weeks. Without a doubt, they are two figures that no one would have considered for an Apple product after listening to Steve Jobs.

Much of these leaks come from factories that the Taiwanese Foxconn has some Chinese, such as Shenzhen and Taiyuan cities, and, in addition, have been reinforced with photographs of the first prototypes, so, although there is no guarantee that everything that has been leaked is true, at first it seems quite reliable. But this is not all. As we told you a few days ago, several us of undoubted prestige papers, as The Wall Street Journal or Bloomberg, have anticipated that Apple will present its new (or new) mobile phone on September 9. In less than a month.

That Steve Jobs do not direct the company does not justify itself only that Tim Cook has decided to ignore some of the convictions of his former boss. There has to be much more behind these decisions. And it certainly is. Set if users know what we want. If we like something, we support it, and if not, ignore it. The market is regulated only, by which only makes failure to look at reports indicating which products are sold and what do not to check what they really prefer to consumers. If we do so we can Intuit Why is Apple making decisions that makes three or four years under any circumstances would have formed part of the brand strategy.

One-third of mobile phones has 5 ‘ or more

Here Steve Jobs was wrong. A report recently prepared by consulting firm Canalys reflects that one-third of the smartphones that are currently distributed worldwide It has a 5 inch screen or more. And so many people can not be so wrong to spend your money on a product that does not meet them. Obviously, it is so fair and so successful to buy a mobile «large» as opting for one between 4 and 4.5 inches. Simply, it is a decision that has to do with the taste and preferences of use of each one of us, but is not something more or less successful. The fact that most of the “flagships” of leading manufacturers is 5 inches or more, and that, Furthermore, sold well, clearly indicated that these mobile have interest.

If finally Apple introduces 9 September an iPhone 6 with 5.5 inch screen, which is something that now seems likely, he would not doubt about something that, given the figures from Canalys, everyone can guess: those of Cupertino they are not willing to disregard the third market of smartphones. It is clear that it is a figure that is loose enough to not make you disgusted, and of course, to forget that at the time defended Steve Jobs when he opted for 3.5-inch screens as an ideal.

Rectify is wise

Another interesting decision that, as running leaks, could have taken the signing of Apple, is not one that simultaneously introduce two different versions of your next smart phone with 4.7 and 5.5-inch screens. Last year he did something similar when he unveiled the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 c, but, if finally confirmed the two versions I mentioned 6 iPhone, Apple would be clear by commitment diversify its offer even more, a strategy that would consolidate the trend that bet last year.

Most of your competitors has a catalogue of smartphones much broader than the of the Cupertino firm, allowing them to reach one much larger spectrum of users. It seems unlikely that the signing of the Apple will surprise us with a mobile input range during the next few years, but there is no doubt that by launching two phones with different screen size would attract more users, especially to those iPhone like that but does not comply with a 4 inch screen. The oddest thing is that if Apple finally releases the two mobile phones that we are talking about, it would be abandoning format demure size that has used so far in a very blunt manner. The jump of the 3.5 to 4 inches that gave the iPhone 5 was important, but let your smallest smartphone in 4.7 inches It would be a clear break not only with the strategy used to defend Steve Jobs, but even with the philosophy that has been respected until now.

At the moment this only are guesses, based, that Yes, but guesses at the end and at the end. The good news is that probably only have to wait until September 9 for out of doubt and check if finally Apple “it gets into the car» large mobile, as it seems that it will be. Rectify is wise, aside from what you believe Steve Jobs at his time.