These Are Resolutions That Apple May Be Considering for Your IPhone 6

Change the size of the screen of a smartphone in an aggressive manner can be a committed decision. From the point of view of the users it is evident that some will like the idea, and others probably will not make them very funny. But, aside from personal preference, there are important technical implications that it is necessary to resolve, and that Apple will have been doomed if, as it seems, finally released two versions of the iPhone 6 that we have weeks talking about: with 4.7 and 5.5 inch.

The difference in size between these two screens and 4 inches using the iPhone 5, 5s and 5 c is considerable, especially if we compare 4 and 5.5-inch models. Even if we are left with the 4.7 inch 6 iPhone you get a difference of 0.7 inches with the iPhone 5 family, one leap greater than that Apple gave when he took their first mobile 3.5 inch screen of 4 inches of the current. The interesting thing is that the beta SDK for iOS 8 in Cupertino have been distributed among the developers could give us some very interesting tracks about the possible resolutions It may be shuffling in Apple for its new terminals.

Keep the resolution of the iPhone 5 (is 1.136 x 640 points) on a screen clearly greater requires use of a panel with larger pixels, which causes an apparent loss of detail and image quality level, but not required to adapt applications. I very much doubt that this is the option which will decant Apple. Is very likely that the new iPhone 6 have one higher resolution that family’s iPhone 5 to maintain the quality of image that perceive users, although this requires to adapt the software to the new resolution of these mobile.

Precisely, as I said before, the people of 9To5Mac has discovered in 8 iOS SDK file that describes the resolution of the interface of the operating system, and is 736 x 414 pixels, that, moreover, maintains the aspect ratio of 16:9 previous iPhone. However, this is not the actual resolution. SDK will be adapted to the native of the panel in the same way that earlier versions of the development package adapted it to actual resolutions of mobile phones from Apple that we know. As we’ve seen before, the iPhone 5 have a resolution of 640 x 1,136 points, but the SDK identifies it as 568 x 320 points, that, as you can see, it has just half of lines and columns of the real.

If we use the same factor of multiplication of previous versions of the SDK we will reach the conclusion that the new iPhone screen might have a resolution of 1.472 x 828 points (the pixel size in the panel of 5.5 inch mobile will be greater if it maintains the resolution of 4.7 inch iPhone.) Another possibility is that Apple choose at the end by a factor of 3 multiplication, so the resolution of the panel would be of 2,208 x 1.242 points. In the first case the density is 4.7 inch 360 dpi and 307 in 5.5 inches, and the second 539 PPP in 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch 460. As you can see, it is more realistic to the density associated with the resolution of 1.472 x 828 points, so it is possible that this is the chosen by Apple, but we do not have guarantees that finally happen. We will leave doubts on September 9.