TheoTown Is The Closest Thing to Play a Sim City 2000 on Android and Is Amazing

Sim City 2000 It is one of my five favorite games, like it better than the modern versions and today still echo any departure from time to time. On Android, there are some options, but the truth is that no me ends up convincing and the official version of Electronic Arts has a business model that does not convince me. Fortunately, someone has thought the saga fans and has released a tribute to the height game.

His name is TheoTown and never hides his intentions to be a remake of the famous Sim City 2000. Is still in Alpha version, not even beta, but already suggests ways of becoming one of the most interesting and attractive for any lover of the city-building Simulator.

Homesickness well-designed

TheoTown is in essence, a carbon copy of Sim City 2000. Menus with nostalgic style (in fact sometimes a bit annoying when dealing with enough screen space) where they keep the original game mechanics: build various zones (residential, commercial and industrial), supplying them energy and water…

Controls at the beginning they are a little uncomfortable We will miss your keyboard and mouse but understand how it works and once the form which is built in grills or straight lines will mount our city at a time. After having played the game a few hours, she managed to hook me.

Is not a game technically very demanding and it is not necessary to have a mobile or powerful tablet to make it work. That Yes, the game is still in alpha phase so that from here that we see it full have a few updates where we will be adding different elements.

The maps generated for each cities have a series of attributes that we can modify, as the size. Each of them has a seed, as Minecraft maps. I.e., a number that is in charge of defining the geography and the different elements of the map.

The game is free and at first it seems that it will remain so. If you are fans of Sim City or simply want to enjoy a good simulator of cities, it is worth to give it a try. In addition, if it is the first time that you play and not want to fight with budgets and bad decisions, it has a sandbox mode to play with unlimited money and make all type tests.

TheoTown Simulator

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Lobby Divinus
  • Download: Google Play