The So-Called 6 IPhone Screen Is Much Harder Than The of The 5S

Long ago, it seems clear that Sapphire will be very present the future of smartphones from Apple. It is an essential component in the Touch ID of the current iPhone 5S and also as a protective layer for the cameras of these devices, but it could soon make its entry on the screens of the future iPhone 6 that much is being talked about.

That is what they claim different sources that are already assessing the properties of what is assumed could be a prototype of these screens. Marques Brownlee has exposed this prototype to a test of toughness that seems to make it clear that 1) screen will not be pure Sapphire and (2) even so will be much stronger than the 5S iPhone.

The test was performed with two sheets coated special minerals which permitted to evaluate the resistance of the screen on the hardness scale created by Friedrich Mohs. According to this scientist, Diamond is the hardest material and it would have a hardness 10, while quartz, for example, would be qualified with a 7.

According to Brownlee, Gorilla Glass protective material would have an a 6.8 rating on that scale, while the pure Sapphire would have a 9.0. In tests, it became clear that although the theoretical (not pure) Sapphire 6 iPhone screen is not absolutely invulnerable, it is much more resistant to scratches than of the current iPhone 5S.

Although Yes the pure Sapphire is used to protect the Touch ID button, wouldn’t make sense integration into the full screen of the iPhone, Since that would make it much more expensive, but also subtract important properties such as flexibility that Apple needs to handle the material in the manufacturing process, something that was already clear in the patent that recorded the Cupertino firm long.