The New IPhone Help a Apple to Sell 58 Million of Mobile in The Last Quarter of 2014, According to Evercore

The last months of 2014 they promise to be the most exciting, at least in what refers to the market of smartphones. The company specialized in Evercore Partners Investment Bank published a report in which, among other things, predicts that Apple will sell 58 million mobile phones during the last quarter of the year.

According to the firm, these sales are feasible thanks to the launch the new iPhone 6 (you know that the flood of leaks that has been occurring for weeks predicts that there will be two terminals with 4.7 and 5.5-inch screens), which will probably occur in little more than two months.

Like any forecast, more prudent is to have it present, but with some suspicion, because when someone gets to speculate there are no absolute truths or guarantees. That Yes, Evercore is a solid company, so they must have their signs to anticipate results as good as those they defend Rob Cihra report, which is the analyst who has made it.

The figure of 58 million mobile which Cihra defends in its forecast does not seem to apply only to future iPhone 6, but to all the iPhone that Apple could sell, but that Yes, most of them should belong to the new terminal. If so, the sales of the Cupertino increase 14% over the same period of last year.

But the report of Evercore goes even further. It also takes for granted that Apple will sell in this period no less than 5 million of iWatch, If that finally called the smart watch that could throw soon the signing of an Apple, with a price of $249 unit as well. If these forecasts are unrealistic or overly optimistic, only time will tell it. We, meanwhile, continue the track.