The Humble Bundle More Arcade Is Here Full of Neo Geo Games

A tradition that, from time to time, a Humble Bundle for mobile devices, appears more specifically for Android. The quality tends to vary and there have been some very good and others quite discrete. Fortunately, this time we have the first and is the protagonist of this package of games is none other than Neo Geo.

This Japanese Development Studio lived authentic years gold during the 1990s taking all types of fighting and action games they would not stay out of mobile devices and they were gradually reaching Google Play. Now, many of them can be ours at a price very low.

Our Android becoming recreational

The minimum pack, with a price of a dollar, includes authentic great game: Garou, Blazing Star, King of Fighters 97, Metal Slug 2 and Metal Slug X (probably the most fun of all the saga). If we pay more wants the average (date of publication of the post is $ 4,64) get Fatal Fury Special, Samurai Shodown II, Metal Slug 3 and games that will be added later.

The offer is very tempting as adaptations of Neo Geo to Android are quite successful. That Yes, you move if you want to enjoy these games in the way in which they were conceived, it’s best to let us use a Bluetooth remote control and not resort to virtual controls since they are games that require some skill and attention, with your fingers on the screen is difficult to see what happens.

If you take a look at the page in Google Play of SNK, you find that all Neo Geo games are there the price of a euro per title. If we pay more that the average (less than five euros) will be leading US 8 games what the saving is remarkable. In addition, remember to always add two or three more last day.

In development.