The Dependency on Smartphones Is Harmful to Your Health

Can lead to changes in the heartbeat and increased blood pressure

River-‘ Without the phone, I feel naked. Many people have heard or spoke this phrase. Now, a job at the University of Missouri, in the United States, proved that the use of smartphone addiction can lead to harmful physical consequences to the user, such as changing blood pressure change.

The researchers monitored 40 people who completed a puzzle. At first, they were with the devices. Then, they heard the phone rings, but they couldn’t help him. The situation has caused increased blood pressure, heart rate and worsening performance in the game. Some patients have reported anxiety the impossibility of replying to called.

According to the psychiatrist André Brazil, research proves the seriousness of the behavioral changes that the dependence of cell phone causes. “The lack of the device causes the related States hooked on cigarettes. The user is impatient and annoyed when you don’t have the smartphone around, “he says.

For Sabrina Vasconcelos, a psychologist with the Hospital St. Francis of Assisi, the cause of the problem lies in the growing space that the virtual environment has had on the lives of the people. “Some people prefer to have 600 friends on the social network to 10 in the real world,” he explains. To Brazil, the source of the addiction is often emotional issues. “As well as drink and cigarette, the cell is used to escape personal difficulties,” says the expert.

Within the Group of addiction risk-young people aged 18:30 years, the cultural producer Larissa Ferreira, 24, managed to get rid of the problem by deciding, in September 2014, spending a month away from the smartphone. “I improved a lot. I look good when I forget the cell phone at home, “said she, who did not seek medical treatment.

For those who do not have the willpower of Larissa, the most recommended is to go to the psychologist. “Only the 45-minute consultation with the phone turned off can help the patient,” explains Sabrina.