Tapdeck Is The Customization Application for Android That Aspires to Be a Social Network

Applications to change the wallpaper of the mobile there are many, too many in fact. It is difficult to stand out among many, and at the end only a few Muzei, Facets and Wally manage to gain a foothold. The guys at TapTap proposed in his day making an app for this style but with the new update have decided to give it a twist and make it Anything else that an app to customize our Android.

His name is Tapdeck, and although at first glance it may seem one application more personalization, we are to a social network for sharing images and discover information about the images we use. A very well led twist that shows us that you can go beyond mere customization.

The social network of funds for Android

Tapdeck acts on the one hand as an application and on the other as animated background. When you configure it, we can Double-click on the image to change it. In addition, if we slide your finger from the horizontal frame it bottom upward us a tab appears with more information about the photo in question.

From here is where begins the part of social network: images that we like we can store them in a feed to Pinterest style. We can also share them with our friends and that comes to your mailbox of Tapdeck so that you configure them if you like them. The design respects the Material Design lines and is very attractive.

The selection of images is very complete and good. When we recorded will say us that we select three pictures to make an algorithm to the idea of what kind of content we like on your mobile. See the tabs of each is an incentive and although the part of social network is attractive, today the user base is rather small.

The application is attractive and has a very successful approach. Good catalog of images, extra incentives that give value and the ability to synchronize multiple devices with the same account to automatically thus in all our Android. The disadvantage? Not gets along well with all the launchers and can touch us change it (somewhat cumbersome if we are very accustomed to our) If you want to make it work.

Tapdeck customization

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: TapTap Mobile
  • Download: Google Play