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Arts and Sports of Caracas, Venezuela

Arts and Sports of Caracas, Venezuela


Caracas is also a great cultural center. The Museum of Contemporary Art is one of the most important in South America and in it you can see high quality works.

Teresa Carreño Theater

The largest cultural complex in Latin America. One of the most modern theaters in the world and the most prestigious in South America, the Teresa Carreño Theater It is undoubtedly one of the greatest exponents of Caracas culture. The construction of this theater began after the result of the competition called for the elaboration of the project to build a concert hall for the headquarters of the Venezuela Symphony Orchestra, and the winning proposal was presented by the Architects Jesús Sandoval, Tomás Lugo and Dietrich Künckel. As time went by, and with the development of the construction of this project, the idea of a concert hall became a cultural complex. The first space was inaugurated with the Mexican director Carlos Chávez February 12, 1976 who performed a concert with the Juan José Landaeta National Youth Orchestra. The Ríos Reina Room is the largest and best structured in the entire cultural complex. It was opened to the public on April 19, 1983, Symphonic Orchestra of Venezuela under the direction of José Antonio Abreu. This room has a unique design that allows you to view the show from anywhere in the theater, as well as having excellent acoustics.

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Polyhedron of Caracas

stage for concerts and entertainment.]] This modern metal dome theater has presented since March 2, 1974, the largest number of events and shows that have made it an icon of Venezuelan society. The Poliedro de Caracas, has a maximum capacity of 13,000 people seated and a maximum of 20,000 people. The idea of creating the Polyhedron was projected by the architect Jimmy Alcock, and the theater complex is accompanied by the Geodesic Dome of La Rinconada, with 145 meters in diameter and 38 meters above the track level, making it the only racetrack in the city. and a model creation that much later was built on smaller scales in different parts of the world. Among the most famous events are the Miss Venezuela, Rock concerts by international groups, children’s presentations such as Disney on Ice, Hanna Barbera on Ice, and other exhibitions.

Municipal Theater of Caracas

One of the oldest theaters in Latin America, the Municipal Theater of Caracas is the most emblematic architectural work of Venezuelan artistic life. Located in the El Silencio urbanization, this oval building, with steel columns and wooden windows with stained glass, continues to open its doors for events and shows with elegance and prestige. Nowadays, this theater only makes very exclusive presentations, since it is located in the cultural center of the city.

Other Theaters of Interest

  • Ateneo de Caracas: complex where you can see plays, cinema, plastic arts and attend musical concerts.
  • Ateneo del Hatillo: open-air theater complex where you can see plays, cinema, plastic arts and attend musical concerts in the historic center of El Hatillo.
  • Aula Magna UCV: convention and entertainment center of the Central University of Venezuela, it has a unique and impressive architecture, designed by the Venezuelan architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva. This event center is one of the most important university theater centers in the world.
  • Centro Cultural Corp Group: a space for theatrical and cultural recreation of a social nature, belonging to a Venezuelan banking organization.
  • Casa del Artista Foundation: this modern and spacious building, located on Bulevar Amador Bendayán, is the meeting place for all Venezuelan artists.
  • Trasnocho Theater: Caracas theater complex, which exposes the works of new artists and new writers.



The Football and baseball are the most popular sports in the city, soccer teams most fans are Deportivo Italia and Caracas FC and baseball Los Tiburones de La Guaira and Los Leones of Caracas.

The Tiburones de La Guaira and Leones del Caracas baseball teams play at the University Baseball Stadium (belonging to the Central University of Venezuela) with a seat for 25,000 spectators. The Navegantes del Magallanes, another baseball team founded in Caracas – but currently based in Valencia (Carabobo State) – have a strong following in the Venezuelan capital, especially due to their historic rivalry with the local team.

The Soccer teams that play the First Division of Venezuela are Deportivo Italia (team from the Italian colony and the team with the most history in National Soccer), Caracas Soccer Club (one of the teams with the largest fans in the capital), the Red Star Soccer Club (military team) the Italo FC Center and the Real Esppor Club.

The city has three football stadiums: the UCV Olympic Stadium with a capacity of 27,000 spectators (which was reduced to its current capacity due to the placement of seats for the 2007 Copa América), the Brígido Iriarte National Stadium with a capacity of 12,500 people (former home of Caracas Fútbol Club and Deportivo Italia) and since 2005 Caracas FC opened its own stadium called Cocodrilos Sports Park, which previously had a capacity of approximately 2,000 spectators, and now with the current remodeling that is being done. At the Ávila Reds Stadium (named for its fans), it will have an approximate 15,000 people.

Caracas, being the capital of the Republic, is the headquarters of the National Institute of Sports and the Venezuelan Olympic Committee as well as many clubs and national federations of a great diversity of disciplines.

Sport clubs

  • Soccer: Deportivo Italia ; Caracas Soccer Club ; Italo FC Center ; Red Star Soccer Club ; Athletic Venezuela ; UCV FC and Real Esppor Club.
  • Baseball: Sharks of La Guaira (representing La Guaira), Leones del Caracas.
  • Basketball: Cocodrilos de Caracas ; Miranda Panthers

Sectors of the city

Sectors of Caracas
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Sports of Caracas, Venezuela