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Shopping and Eating in Stockholm, Sweden

Shopping and Eating in Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm is one of the largest cities in the country of Sweden.

Shopping in Stockholm

There are thousands of shops in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden described on Countryaah and the city is perhaps the best place to do public sports shopping throughout the Nordic region? Stockholm has a large number of great shopping arcades, shopping malls and department stores. There is international “swing” over the offer to shoppers in Stockholm defined by AbbreviationFinder!

Exclusive fashion and design are traded in Norrmalm, City or Östermalm. Here you will find shopping arcades such as Sturegallerian and department stores such as NK (Nordiska Kompaniet), Pub [see picture first in article] and Åhléns. These are all very well known and good department stores. You will also find the flagship of H&M on Hamngatan. To make it easy for yourself, go or take a taxi Sergels Torg. Then you have all this within a short reach.

If you are looking for antiques of the more expensive kind, you will find them at Östermalm. Many tourists naturally go to the Old Town. Here there are many charming shops with antiques, souvenirs and not least second hand shops and shops with all kinds of rarities. Another area with affordable antiques is Vasastan. Vasastan is also the place for music and clothing.

For the trendiest, Södermalm is recommended. Check out the shops in Gøtgatsbacken and Brunogallerian, which is a shopping gallery. Here you will also find a street market – Street. It’s open on weekends.

Some other selected stores in Stockholm are:

Ahlens in Klarabergsgatan 50.
Here you will find everything from books, food, cosmetics and clothing.

Nitty Gritty in Krukmakargatan.
This is a lifestyle store for you with the sense of the little something special. The street also has many other good shops.

The south halls on Medborgarplatsen.
For those who like food and delicacies. Here you get everything, not least from Italy and Asia.

118 Second Leather in Odengatan 86.
Everything in second hand clothes.

Science Fiction Bookstore in Västerlånggatan 48.
Wide range of everything within the science fiction genre. Go in and you might be bitten by the basil you too?

We recommend the Destination Stockholm website for more detailed information on shopping in Stockholm. See also our link page for more about shopping in Stockholm.

Eating in Stockholm

Food in Stockholm, Sweden

Over the last 15-20 years, Stockholm’s restaurant world has evolved to be really good. You will find eateries in all price ranges and throughout the city. All the world’s cuisine is represented, from the natural Swedish to the most exotic you can imagine. Stockholm has several restaurants represented in Guide Michelin, which is remarkable for a city with less than one million residents.

For those of you who want affordable options, we can tell you that there are many fairly cheap night spots in Stockholm. Especially hot lunches are reasonably priced, and salad buffets, drinks (mineral water and / or coffee) and bread are often included in the price.

Stockholm has many inns, and each district has its own soul and atmosphere. The inns are often personally designed and often offer home cooking and traditional Swedish food. An example of such an inn is Zum Franziskaner, Skeppsbron 44 (in the Old Town). NOX is a restaurant dating back to the 13th century. Here, typical Swedish and German dishes are served in large portions. The address is G rev Turegatan 30, Stockholm, (+46 (0) 8 545 824 00). Vasastan and the street Rörstrandsgatan are perhaps the area where you will find most quarter pubs with soul and charm.

You will find trendy eateries first and foremost at Östermalm and Södermalm. Mellqvist in Hornsgatan 78 [see image at the top of the article] may not be so trendy, but this is the place Stieg Larsson loved and is featured in the action in the novel Men Who Hate Women…

Kungsholmen also has several trendy restaurants. Examples of such restaurants are GQ at Östermalm and Marie Laveau at Södermalm.

Personally, we are charmed by the Old Town. Try a walk along Västerlängatan. It has many nice restaurants and pubs as well as shops.

Exclusive restaurants in Stockholm

Edsbacka Wärdhus
Perhaps the best restaurant in the Nordic region was Edsbacka Krog. Two stars in Guide Michelin say everything about the quality (and the price). Today the Michelin hunt is over, but you should still treat yourself to an excursion combined with a visit to the inn.

The restaurant is located a little outside the center of Stockholm, more specifically at Sollentunavägen 220, see map below. The Edsberg Park, where the restaurant (the inn) is located, is beautiful in its own right, while it houses a number of beautiful buildings.

Operakällaran is the classic in Swedish restaurant and nightlife. Operakällaren has long been considered one of the best restaurants in Sweden. You can find it at Karl XII square. Book a table on tel. 08-676-558 00.

This inn is named after the address, Fredsgatan 12. It is the flagship of TV celebrity and owner, Melker Andersson. Here it is elegant and modern.

Special restaurants in Stockholm

At Stadshuskällaren you can eat a meal prepared by the same chefs who make the Nobel dinner itself. The Swedish Nobel celebration is pompous and magnificent. You get the menu here. The address is Stadshuset on Hantverkargatan 1.

The theater grill
Near Norrmalmstorg you will find the very famous theater grill. If you have read Jens Lapidus (or watched the movies) about Life Deluxe, you know what we are talking about. The theater grill opened in 1945 and the staff, the interior and the food all give you something almost unique in Stockholm.

The theater barbecue is open until 0100 every day (not Mondays where the restaurant closes 2400). The restaurant is closed on Sundays. The address for the theater grill is Nybrogatan 3.

Nightclubs and bars in Stockholm

The nightlife in Stockholm is reasonably good every day of the week. People come late to the popular places. Many of the trendiest night spots have long queues on Fridays and Saturdays. It is easy to find pubs and taverns in Old Town.

Around Stureplan, Berzeli Park and in City you will find the best and hippest nightclubs. Some suggestions are Berns, StoureCompagniet, Spy Bar and Café Opera. The younger ones often apply to Södermalm and Vasastan.

Special bars in Stockholm

Icebar, located in the Nordic Sea hotel (Vasaplan 7), is a special experience, but somewhat cold. The bar is made only of ice blocks, and the drink menu offers many different types of drinks based on Absolute Vodka. The temperature in the bar is approx. minus eight degrees, and you are given warm clothes to wear. Remember to book in advance. The bar is just 50 meters from Arlanda Express arrival.

In addition to an exclusive restaurant, F12 Terrassen
Fredsgatan 12 also has Stockholm’s perhaps most stylish nightclub. Here is party music, beautiful people and Stockholm’s coolest terrace. Need we say more?

Shopping and Eating in Gothenburg, Sweden

Shopping and Eating in Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg is one of the largest cities in the country of Sweden.

Shopping in Gothenburg

Although it is not so much cheaper in Sweden than in Norway, it is still a pleasure to shop in Gothenburg defined by AbbreviationFinder. Here are many nice pedestrian streets and several large shopping centers where you will find countless shops under the same roof. The natural starting point is for many Nordstan, a huge 3 storey store with more than 180 shops, restaurants and cafes. Here is also one of Gothenburg’s tourist offices, which helps you with hotel reservations and general information. Another large shopping center is Frölunda Torg, which is located in southern Gothenburg. Here you will find over a hundred shops and ten restaurants under the same roof. If you have children, you can safely park them at Äventyrsleken, a playground for children of almost all ages.

The main shopping streets are the avenue street Avenyn and Östre Hamngatan, and the latter’s side streets and parallel streets, Torggatan, Fredsgatan, Korsgatan, Kungsgatan and Vallgatan. In Fredsgatan is Sweden’s oldest department store NK, which opened in 1902, and smaller arcades such as the City Passage, the Compass and the Arcade. The most favorite is Kungsgatan, where you will find many clothing stores and gift shops, Indiska, H&M and RockHouse, which have everything from rocker-related articles from books and CDs to calendars and children’s clothing. Here are also the sales to Swedish designers such as Gudrun Sjödén and Filippa K.

For a bit more relaxing small town atmosphere, take the course for Gothenburg’s old town Haga, which is known for its antique shops, markets, second hand shops, bookshops, handicraft shops and cafes, all located in small cozy wooden houses along the cobbled pedestrian street Haga Nygata.

The opening hours in Gothenburg are generally from 1000 to 1800 on weekdays, and to 1400 on Saturdays. Last Saturday of the month, however, many of the stores are open until 1700. Some major centers, including NK and Nordstan, also open on Sundays, from 1100 to 1700.

Unfortunately, you cannot be refunded the Swedish VAT of 20% on departure unless you are a national of a country outside the Nordic countries and the EU.

Eating in Gothenburg

Food in Gothenburg, Sweden

There are over five hundred restaurants and eateries in Gothenburg, so in this city you do not have to go hungry. Four of the restaurants currently have a star in the Michelin Guide. These restaurants called 28+, Basement, Sjömagasinet and Fund. The latter two are also open for lunch every weekday, and this is significantly less expensive than a full a la carte dinner in the evening. As it should and should for a port city, Gothenburg has a good selection of fish and shellfish. For example, try Restaurant Gabriel at the town’s fish market, Feskekörka.

Along Avenyn, eateries are located close to both sides of the street, with outdoor dining as long as the weather permits. Here you will find wine bars, French brasseries, bakeries, Spanish tapas restaurants, Scottish pubs, Hard Rock Cafe and pizzerias in addition to Japanese, Greek, Indian and American restaurants. Of course you will also find the usual fast food chains like McDonalds and Burger King.

The city’s most popular vegetarian eatery is called Sunflower and is located on Kaponjärsgatan 4 in the district of Haga. It is located near the university and here it is often full for lunch. It is open until 0100 at night and is also a pleasant place to stop in for an evening drink. For more tips on restaurants in Gothenburg, take a look at the Restaurant Guide.

Gothenburg nightlife is lively and varied, thanks to the city’s 60000 students at Scandinavia’s largest university. Most of it takes place in and around the main streets of Östra Hamngatan and Avenyn, and in the university district of Haga. There are plenty of alternatives, from Irish pubs and rock bars to trendy clubs and discos. You will find to a much greater extent than in Norway that many nightclubs take entrance fees, and have a doorman who stands ready with a clothes hanger and insists on getting your jacket and a twenty crown.