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Shopping and Eating in Lisbon, Portugal

Shopping and Eating in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of the largest cities in the country of Portugal.

Shopping in Lisbon

Shopping in Lisbon defined by AbbreviationFinder is both exciting and fun. You will find elegant shops along the main streets, huge shopping malls and markets. The streets of the Baixa area along with the Chiado district have long been considered Lisbon’s most important shopping district.

Lisbon, the capital of Portugal described on Countryaah has three major shopping centers in the city center. And several less. In the centers you will find all kinds of shops, from the most elegant design shops to chains like H&M, ZARA and Marks & Spencer. Price levels vary, but expect prices to be 10-25% lower than in Norway.

Imported products are more expensive than Portuguese. Shoes and leather goods are especially affordable, and the selection is large. If you want to buy something special and typical Portuguese, we recommend ceramics. The Portuguese porcelain Vista Allegre is also a bargain, as is the Atlantis brand crystal. Tablecloths and embroideries are also popular. In the wine shops in the city center you can buy the country’s best wines and port wines.

In downtown, ie the Baixa area, you will also find lots of shops, as is the Chiado area. Here you will find H&M, Zara and design stores such as Armani and Luis Vuitton. There are also many shoe shops and also shops with very ordinary (reasonable) prices. Rua do Ouro (the gold street) has many jewelers and jewel shops.

On Rua da Prata (the silver street) you will find beautiful silver works. It is here, in Lisbon’s heart, that you may experience the most exciting shopping.

Lisbon’s largest shopping malls

Amoreiras Shopping

The center is very central in the district of Amoreiras, a few kilometers from Marques de Pombal and Avenida Liberade. The address is Avenida Eng. D. Pacheo. The Amoreira Shopping Center has approx. 350 shops, 50 restaurants, cinemas, beauty salons, hairdressers etc. The center is open daily at. From 1000 to 2300.

Vasco da Gama Shopping

The center is located in Parque dos Nacoes, the area of ​​the Expo 98 world exhibition. There are 160 shops and 35 restaurants. It is open daily at 1000 to 2400. The address is Avenida Dom João II 40.

Colombo Shopping

The center is located in the district of Benfica, approx. 20 minutes from downtown. This is the largest and most spectacular shopping center in Lisbon, with its 437 shops and 70 restaurants. It is easiest to get to Colombo Shopping with the Linha Azul (Blue Line) subway. Get off at Colegio Militar station and follow the signs. Open from 0900 to 2400 every day of the week.

Outlet shopping near Lisbon

Freeport Design Outlet is approx. 30 minutes by car from the center of Lisbon, in Alcochete south of the river Tejo. It is also possible to come here by public transport. Take the ferry from Praca do Commercio to Barreiro (about 20 minutes) and continue from Barreiro by bus 410 to Alcochete. The trip takes a total of approx. one hour. This is one of the largest freeport Design Outlet in Europe. The center has more than 200 stores selling well-known brands at greatly discounted prices. You don’t have to starve here either, as there are several restaurants to choose from in the center.

Read more at www.freeport.pt. Open almost every day from 1000 to 2200.

Markets in and near Lisbon

The street markets offer some groceries along with fake (and some real) branded clothes, books, antiques and the like. Of many potential markets, we recommend these:

Feira da Ladra has almost every day except Sundays and Mondays in Alfama. The address is Campo de Santa Clara and opening hours are usually from 0900 – 1800.

At Praca do Commercio you will find on Sundays a slightly more special market offering old coins, banknotes and books. And this market square is nevertheless nice to visit with cafes and bars all around.

Several fixed markets are being organized in the areas around Lisbon. Some selected markets outside Lisbon can be found in:

  • Carcavelos is 12 kilometers from the city center and the market is open on Thursdays.
  • Cascais is 22 kilometers from the city center and the market is open on Wednesdays.
  • Sintra is 30 kilometers from the city center and the market is open
    on the 2nd and 3rd Sunday of the month.

Eating in Lisbon

Food in Lisbon, Portugal

To be a relatively small country, Portugal has a great variety of simple dishes from the different regions, from north to south. All are represented in Lisbon together with an international cuisine. Portuguese food is influenced by food traditions from Asia, South America, Africa and the rest of Europe. In addition, you will find American fast food chains.

The simplest local variety of eateries is called tasca. These have spartan décor, often no more than eight to ten tables and are often family run. The food is local and the places are often well visited by the locals. The restaurants are a bit more formal and are available in all varieties and sizes.

A marisquiera has shellfish as a specialty, but they also serve other foods. Snack bars serve coffee and drinks in addition to light meals and sandwiches. Most restaurants serve cheese, olives, ham, butter, bread and other goodies on the table. Here is the rule that you pay for what you start eating at.

Some food specialties in Lisbon

Pasteis de Bacalao (croquettes of bacalao), Caldo verde (kale soup), Søgo a Barirrada (pork from Bairrada), Frango a Piri Piri (grilled chicken with strong piri piri spices), Carne de Porco Alentejana (combination of meat, clams, deep fried potatoes, garlic and parsley)

Other specialties are the Acorda de Marisco, which consists of shellfish, bread, olive oil, garlic and coriander. The dish has an unusual porridge consistency, but it tastes great. Also try Bife a Portguesa, which is fried meat with a slice of smoked ham and fried egg on top. It is served with sliced, fried potato in ceramic form with roasting.

The bacalao national dish is available in hundreds of different varieties. The Portuguese eat it grilled with boiled potato and a salad.

Fresh grilled fish is simple and good. Many restaurants grill on the street. Grilled sardines are especially popular in the Alfama area.

Of the desserts can be mentioned Arroz Doce. This is rice pudding made from eggs and vanilla with cinnamon as a garnish. The country’s various regions make good cheeses. Quejo da Serra and Quejo de Azeitao are highly recommended.

The whole of Portugal’s favorite sweets is called Pasteis de Belem. It’s a round puff pastry filled with vanilla cream. Try this one at Antiga Confeitaria de Belem, a 19th-century pastry shop. The place has its own secret recipe for the cake. Enjoy it with a bica, the Portuguese espresso.

In Lisbon you will find plenty of restaurants serving fresh shellfish, shrimp, crab, lobster, scallops and the like.

Selection of Lisbon’s best (and most exclusive) restaurants

Restaurante Tavares, has Portuguese and international cuisine. The address is R. da Misericórdia 37 R / C in central Lisbon. Tavares is open from 1900 to 2230 every day except Sundays where it is closed.

Restaurante Clara, has Portuguese and international cuisine. Clara can be found in Campo Mártires da Pátria 49. It’s closed on Sundays. Otherwise, Restaurante Clara is open for both lunch and dinner.

Gambrinus, serves shellfish. The address is R. das Portas de Santo Antão 23, ie just off the Rossio station. Open from 1200 to over midnight every day of the week.

Casa da Comida, Portuguese-French restaurant located in Travessa das Amoreiras 1 northwest of downtown Lisbon. Closed Sundays. Otherwise open from 1900 until midnight.

Cheaper and local restaurants in Lisbon

Tia Matilde, at Praca de Espanha, has traditional dishes such as grilled lamb, chicken, rice, fish stew (caldeirada) and bacalao. Few tourists find their way here. Keeps open for both lunch and dinner, but is closed Sundays.

Espalha Brasas serves tapas and grilled meats. The restaurant is located in the Docas area, where there are a further twenty restaurants to choose from. The address is Rua de Entre Campos (north of Lisbon city center). Open from 1000 to 2200 every day.

Cervejaria Trinidad, located in Barrio Alto. It is Lisbon’s oldest tavern. Here there are atmospheric and a lot of people. Here you can stop by for a beer, light meal or full dinner. Here it is open until at least midnight of the week. The address is R. Nova da Trindade 20 C.

Travel Plan Tips!

The little taverns you pass on the road can be at least as good as the exclusive restaurants you find in the hotels. It is a good sign if the tavernas have many guests, especially from the locals.

Shopping and Eating in Faro, Portugal

Shopping and Eating in Faro, Portugal

Faro is one of the largest cities in the country of Portugal.

Shopping in Faro

There are many commodities that are reasonably priced in Portugal, including clothing, shoes and handicraft products. Food in markets is reasonably priced, and drinks of course. When you visit Portugal you of course buy wine. Port wines and other locally produced wines are always on the list of mandatory products.

Leather goods are also often very cheap. Lace, embroidery, crockery and handmade straw baskets are typical souvenirs. In historical places you can also buy copies of old terracotta figures and other similar products.

Both Faro and tourist cities such as Portimao and Albufeira have a number of shops for happy people. Feel free to visit a Zara store or Massimo Dutti. Prices are very often cheaper than home. Supermarket food is not very cheap, but you can of course get quality products you do not like at home on Rema 1000. Small shops and local shops in and around Faro normally open from 0900 or 1000 in the morning and close around 1900. Most shops of this type close in the lunch.

Just like in Spain, you are the last in Portugal. Also keep in mind that stores in Portugal are not obliged to exchange goods with the exception of goods that have noticeable errors. Larger shopping centers have extended opening hours, and are also open on Sundays.

Shopping centers in and around Faro

The largest shopping complexes in the Algarve are the Forum Algarve in Faro  defined by AbbreviationFinder and the Guia Shopping Center near Albufeira. Forum Algarve is a great shopping center with shops both under the roof and in the open air. You will find the center between Faro and the airport. The range of shops is large and you will also find a cinema here. The shops are located over two floors and you also have a large jumbo (hypermarket) market on the first floor. The center is child-friendly, with a number of toilets, changing rooms, restaurants and cafes. Shops you find here include Zara, FNAC and Benetton. Opening hours are from 0900 to 2300, and in high season Forum Algarve closes only at midnight.

Shopping areas in Faro

Shopping tourists in Faro are moving to the city center and the car-free part of the city. With Rua de Santa Antonio and its gallery areas as the center, you will find a number of specialty shops. Try east and west small streets, for this cozy area includes at least three blocks. Also visit the Praça Ferreira de Almeida square in the north of Faro where you will find the famous food and wine shop Garrrafeira Rui.

Markets in Faro

The Mercado de Faro in the center is the place for morning birds. This market opens at 0630. The largest market and Faro’s food market is called Mercado Minicipal and is open throughout the week during high season. Great for watching and buying fish, fruits, vegetables, cheese, sausages and much more. Not least you get to see the full width of the delicacies of the sea. Here everything is sold and cooked from coats to eels. You come here by walking the street Rua do Lethes.

The address is Largo Dr Francisco Sa Carneiro. The market is located just outside the pedestrian zone of Faro.

Feel free to ask the locals for tips. There are many small local markets where you will find typical Algarve specialties and which differs slightly from the typical large “tourist markets”.

Eating in Faro

Food in Faro, Portugal

Food is generally reasonably measured by Norwegian standards. The food in Portugal is often inspired by the sea, and not least in the Algarve and Faro. Fish and shellfish are mandatory to eat. Seafood such as oysters has particularly good conditions outside Ria Formosa, and a number of restaurants take the opportunity to sell you delicious seafood dishes.

Try a catapana, a local seafood dish. The name derives from the casserole used, a type of casserole / pan that the Moors brought with them hundreds of years ago. You must have meat so try the specialty porco preto, or black pig.

There are a number of restaurants in Faro, and all the international cuisine is represented. Spanish, Italian, French, Indian and Chinese! And Portuguese food of course. The price of food and drinks is generally nice in Faro, but some very touristy restaurants try to get the most out of the tourist season. And there are top quality restaurants. There you have to expect to pay the quality costs as well.

Featured restaurants in Faro,

If you are just looking for a simple meal, there are countless restaurants and cafes in both the old town and the new town. For those who are looking for a little more, we suggest the following:


The Camane restaurant, located on Avenida Praia de Faro Street, is said to be among the local residents to be among the region’s top five restaurants. For table bookings, call +351 289 817 539. Open only for dinner in August. Specialty is itscaldeirada de lagosta (lobster stew).

Monte Do Casal

The premises here contain both a nice and different boutique hotel and a slightly different but reputable restaurant. The menu consists of international dishes. The Monte Do Casal restaurant is popular. You will find the restaurant just outside Faro, at Estoi. The address is Cerro do Lobo. For table bookings call +351 289 991 503. The restaurant is popular so book well in advance. A dining experience awaits you.


This is an eatery at a typical inn with typical food for the region, where the main emphasis of the menu comes from the sea. Here you can for example. eat eel, but also get carne de porco com ameijoas, or pork as we call it in Norway. The address is Rua do Alportel 38. Call +351 289 824 739 for reservations.

Cheap gourmet

If you want to eat affordable food and have a rental car, then head to Adega Vilalisa in Mexilhoeira Grande. You are then west of Faro, ie between Portimao and Lagos. The address is 52 Rua Francisco Bivar. Famous Portuguese food critic José Quitério believes this charming and small eatery is among the top 100 restaurants in all of Portugal. Many traditional dishes on the menu, not least thecanja de conquilhas, (soup with heart mussels).

Nightlife in Faro

There are a few big discos in Faro, but the more bars and pubs. Often these live music or for that matter have karaoke as entertainment for their summer guests. The best street for nightlife is Rua do Prior. We recommend, for example. Fashion Café, Millennium III, Quata-Sabada, Koppus Club and Che6. Remember that real parties only start after midnight.