Sword of Xolan Brings Us a Funny and Long with a Homey, Nostalgic 2D Platformer

For years, we are living a time with plenty of modern games that try to appeal to nostalgia for the 90s with 2D graphics and simple mechanics. Increasingly there are more beans that they seek to touch our hearts, but few who manage to reach us really though occasionally there are exceptions that captivate us and me Sword of Xolan He has succeeded.

Developed by Alper Sankaya (author of Manuganu and Gravity Project) we have a set of 2D action that seeks to bring us the best of the 1990s, but with a few ingredients of today. A formula that works very well, engaging and in addition has a few very tight touch-sensitive controls. Perfect to play on summer.

Good combination of nostalgia and fun

Sword of Xolan isn’t any narrative waste of creativity, game puts us in the shoes of Xolan, a warrior who appears in dawn to remove the bad who has kidnapped all the inhabitants of a village and has distributed them in cages across the world. It doesn’t make much sense, it is true, but it provides an excuse to overcome the game.

In each level the objective is always the same, reach the goal and get all the possible objects. Our score is measured according to people we rescue by levels. In addition to swords, we can jump and perform spells to finish with various enemies that appear.

The controls are very well designed. Despite being touch, is very comfortable and at no time are an obstacle. The level design is very successful and makes the game a challenge: few lives, various enemies that we will have to choose different strategies… A good repertoire that shows us the games from a few years ago were difficult.

With the money that we are winning, we can buy cards (Gold 1,500 each) that they will be improving the skills of Xolan. Whenever we do will never know what kind of improvement will be doing for which there is a tree of abilities or improvements as such that will allow us to control the development of the character.

The game is free with ads. If we want to eliminate them, we have this option to pay 0,80 EUR. All games action-platform I’ve tested recently, has been one of those who liked most: a formula that works, good graphics and a lot of levels.

Sword of Xolan action

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Alper Sankaya
  • Download: Google Play