Stick Tennis Tour, a Simple Game to Play Tennis without Complications

I like games of tennis, but I have a problem with most of them when I play on Android: controls. I move, hit the ball and cover my side of the track to keep options difficult to me when I have to click on virtual buttons. Tapo lot screen with your fingers and in the end, the experience is frustrating. Fortunately, there are developers who think this type of problems.

Stick Tennis Tour It is a game that first would go unnoticed. It has no licenses or agreements with familiar faces or not its developers have spent much money on marketing to promote it big an audience. However, once we play a couple of sets we discover why we are one of the best games of tennis that exist for Android.

Playing tennis without complications

Stick Tennis Tour brings us the side more arcade the racket sport. It has no pretensions of Simulator or that our movements on the track are accurate. Conversely, points have a very high pace and interlock with us from beginning to end. How he achieved such agility with a touch control? Very simple: by automating the movement of the player.

Our tennis player, to which we can Customize with various objects and options, It will move following the ball and standing on the track in the way in which the CPU create optimal. Yes, this limits our freedom since their movements are based on the strategy that we then want to decide. However, in general you know move very well.

What is left to us? The chance to hit the ball in various ways: volleys on either side of the track, ball cut so that the opponent have to upload to the network… It is very easy and you only have to slide the finger at the right time to make the move in question.

The formula works and will do us hook from the outset with parties that last little and a curve of well adjusted difficulty which will help us to acclimatise to the pace of Stick Tennis Tour. The game is free but includes purchases within the application to unlock rackets and costumes.

These are all options and they are not needed to advance in the game. Rackets improve attributes but we can progress with what you have by default. That Yes, with one of these it will be more easy and, incidentally, we help to developers who offer us their free creation of first.

Stick Tennis Tour sports

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: Stick Sports
  • Download: Google Play