Short Legs? You Should Consider This When Wearing Boots

Do not we all secretly think that our legs could be longer? Automatically we often and gladly access shoes with sales.  Many women believe that in(supposedly) short legs they should also wear ankle boots in winter to stretch themselves visually. However, the exact opposite is the case!

For boots with a high shaft and also overknees, the silhouette is optically stretched – but not for ankle boots. The leg is even optically shortened. If you would like to go back on the boat version with a flat sole, you should also remember that an average shaft height is optically squat. The following styling rules must be observed:

  1. You should only use high-heeled boots if this is tight, because a wide and thick-lined shaft is visibly thicker and the legs are shorter – and also a few kilos on it. So: Do not choose a middle shaft length that ends in the middle of the calf, but rather a very long shaft, which goes to or even over the knee. He should also be closely involved.
  2. There are flat lambskin boots, the shaft of which is a bit lower than medium-high and have a clever cut so that the leg is not optically compressed. Do not pay attention to the shaft height, but also to details and cuts that flatter your leg length.
  3. Heels in winter can be a hindrance in the case of wetness and smoothness. If you want to bother some height centimeters, choose shoes with an extra thick sole, which is more comfortable and foot-friendly, and the legs cheat longer.
  4. Also take into account the color and the shoe shape: If you want to lengthen your legs visually, choose a boat that is tapered at the front and fits in color to your pants. This does not make a “cut” between the dresses and the boots, so that they almost pass into one another and the leg is so longer.