Shopping and Eating in Thessaloniki, Greece

Shopping and Eating in Thessaloniki, Greece

Thessaloniki is one of the largest cities in the country of Greece.

Shopping in Thessaloniki

Of course, Thessaloníki defined by AbbreviationFinder is not like Milan or Paris, but the city is by no means a bad resort for those who like to shop. And in many ways it feels more shopping-like here than in the bigger fashion cities.

Fashion clothes and other trendy items are purchased at Proxenou Koromila, Mitropoleos and Tsimiski. Along the Tsimiski Street you will find shops such as Zara and Marks & Spencers. Here you will also find the city’s most famous jewelry store, Mil – Or in number 24.

For affordable clothing then go to Egnatia Street. If you are looking for food then the place is still the Modiano Market. At one time the market was owned by a wealthy Jewish family, ie the Modiana family. At that time it was mainly meat sold here, and the Modiano market was the city’s only food market. Today it is no longer so. The market is a multitude of goods, and you can buy fish, fresh olives and much more.

Otherwise, the streets of Venizelou, Ermou and Mitropoleo are good shopping streets. And not least Agias Sofias who also offers cozy breaks for a cappuccino or similar.

Mega Outlet is the name of – yes, precisely – a mega outlet store. You will find it south of Kalamaria, towards the airport, about 3 km outside the center of Thessaloniki. Here you will find a number of well-known brands with up to 50% discount spread over 15000 square meters of shops.

Puma also has a mega outlet store in the center of Thessaloniki. You will find the shop between the major streets of Aiou Dimitriou and Egnatias.

Mediterranean Cosmos

Mediterranean Cosmos [see image first in article] opened in October 2005 and at that time went on to be the largest center in southeastern Europe. And of course there is more than shopping on the poster. Here are coffee houses, restaurants, bars, a church (Greek Orthodox as such), amphitheater and multiplex cinema!

The center is 5 kilometers from Thessaloniki International Airport, not far from the suburb of Kalamaria.

In general about shopping in Thessaloniki

The stores are normally open Tuesdays and Thursdays (and some Fridays) from about 0900 to 2000. And Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from 0900 to 1500. Larger centers and department stores have extended opening hours.

Remember that if you have to in the bank then they normally close early, ie at 1400 week through.

What is cheap to buy are usually leather products, jewelry made by local artisans and antiques. Some markets have cheap clothes and shoes, and sometimes you will also be able to make good purchases at the well-known brand stores.

Eating in Thessaloniki

Food in Thessaloniki, Greece

Greek cuisine is starting to become reasonably familiar to most of us, since Greek tavernas are practically found in every small town in Norway. But for those unfamiliar with it, prepare for lots of delicious seafood, delicious dressings and top quality vegetables. And not least grilled meats of all kinds.

In Thessaloniki has naturally also influences from Macedonia, and besides, the city influenced by Asian cuisine.

Octopus, grilled sardines and other deep-fried seafood are available at all tavernas. For food you drink water, wine and ouzo. In Greece you have a good time at the dining table, and the main meal is a social celebration for everyone who participates.

Ladadika, the old Jewish quarter down by the harbor area and the Leof road. Nikis is an area of ​​Thessaloniki where you will find a whole slew of local food restaurants. And bars and clubs. So here you can be all evening. Along with the said Leof. Nikis and its parallel street offer countless opportunities to make the evening a success.

If you go to Ana Poli and on to the Greek Orthodox Church of David, you will be by the Byzantine walls. There are also several nice restaurants and many overlooking Thessaloniki. A good restaurant is the Wall Wall restaurant or Τοίχο Τοίχο. It is located in the street Stergiou Poliderou No. 1, not far from Alysseos Tower. Wall Wall is open throughout the week from 0900 to 0300. An unpaved Mediterranean restaurant with good prices and good feedback.

Manitari Magiko Bit Bazaar is an eatery with soul and atmosphere. Often live music and a good selection of drinks for the food, both ouzo and tzipouro. The address is Prosfigikis Agoras 32-34 at the Venizelou – Olympou and Tositsa arcades.

And the area around Venizelou and Olympou and Tositsa (with the Tositsa arcades) is well stocked with restaurants, cafes and bars. Also, it is just off the Roman Forum and its associated museum.

Several selected dining options in Thessaloniki

Kitchen Ba r is a combination of restaurant and bar, located in the port area of ​​Thessaloniki. The outdoor area of ​​the Kitchen Bar offers sea views, and inside the restaurant you get an attempt to recreate a genuine feeling of being in a dock.

Kitchen Bar is the place for a casual meal with e.g. hamburger, pasta or simple barbecue. Affordable and nice. The Kitchen Bar is located right next to the contemporary museum at the far end of the pier, in the street Navarchou Votsi. Kitchen Bar is open from 0900 to 0200.

Skyline Bar
If you’re not too excited about the bill, head to the Skyline Bar in the OTE Tower (formerly ‘Purgos Ute’) and the city’s best views. The restaurant rotates 360 degrees to give you a panoramic view of Thessaloniki from all directions during one and a half coffee cups. The address is Egnatia 154. The place is open from 1000 to over midnight throughout the week.

Feel free to visit an ouzeri, also to eat. Perhaps the best is by Aristotelus square and is called Odos Aristotelous. The address is Aristotelous No. 20. You can also try some of the Croatian restaurants, but replace ouzo with raki when you are at one of these.

Of course, there are also restaurants with an international menu, but most of them hold maximum quality, and often cost more than it tastes.

Some specialties in Thessaloniki

A good and special salad is the politki which consists of shredded cabbage and jam. Otherwise, Greeks in general, and people in Thessaloniki in particular, are very fond of sweets. You will find cakes and sweets all over the city. Definitely worth tasting some local specialties.

For snacks or a delicious unhealthy snack, eat a Bugatsa pie. [see picture first in article] Available with different fill, so find your special favorite.

Nightlife in Thessaloniki

If we talk about nightlife it is almost not dangerous where you go, because in Thessaloniki there are bars and clubs everywhere.

The harbor promenade and the large town square Aristotelous are two very popular places. Let us also propose the Ladadiki district and for that matter the pedestrian street Iktinou.