Shopping and Eating in Tenerife, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Tenerife, Spain

Tenerife is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Tenerife

The Canary Islands are practically a duty-free area, and an absence, or a sharp reduction in VAT and other taxes, often means that you find goods significantly cheaper at Tenerife than at home in Norway. This applies not least to products such as alcohol and tobacco, as well as perfume and other “luxury products”. You do not bargain on Tenerife prices, except if you are in special markets. Street sales are not allowed and we advise you to stay away from this trade. And of course you have no right to complain if you still buy something on the street, and you find something wrong with the product afterwards.

The general opening hours are from 1000 to 1330 and from 1700 to 2000. The break is due to a siesta that most still hold. However, many stores are open until late in the evening, so at 2000, there should be no last bar to shopping.

Popular to shop on Tenerife

Some of the most popular things to do on Tenerife defined by AbbreviationFinder are video and digital cameras, mobile phones and video games. Electronics are very affordable. But be critical of the stores that offer these products. Not a few people have come home with a “Casio” instead of a “Casio”. If you have been deceived and you have been shopping in a store and not on the street, contact the organization OMIC which has its offices at Centro Culturel in Los Christianos. This is a consumer organization that protects consumer rights. Remember the receipt and the product.

Specialties in Tenerife
The pearls in Tenerife are both well known and recognized. Take a trip to Armenime south of the island, specifically Ctra. General del Sur, where thousands of square meters are dedicated pearls and pearl jewelry. Armenime is open seven days a week, starting at 0900. Free admission. If you are staying at Costa Adeje, Las Americas, Los Cristianos, Playa Paraíso, Callao Salvaje, Playa Arena, Puerto Santiago or Los Gigantes, you can get a free shuttle to Armenime and Tenerife Pearl.

In general about shopping in Tenerife

All the major tourist resorts south of Tenerife have centers and shopping areas where you get plenty of opportunities to let your credit card run smoothly. If you do not want to shop in the tourist area you live yourself, you usually go to the center of Los Cristianos. The pedestrian streets of Los Cristianos have many quaint shops, just remember the siesta in the middle of the day when many of them are closed. Compared to prices we are used to from home you can really find some price bargains on clothes, if that’s what you want to shop on Tenerife. The stores Mango and Zara are popular and with good prices compared to similar stores in e.g. Norway. You will find a Mango store in San Eugenio and one in Playa de las Americas, just off the Metropolis nightclub, where there are many other clothing stores as well. Zara has several shops around the island.

The capital of Santa Cruz de Tenerife probably offers the best shopping in Tenerife. You will find most shops concentrated around the streets of Villalba Hervás, El Castillo, Doctor Allart, Bethencourt Alfonso and San José, and in and around Plaza de España and Plaza de la Candelaria. Santa Cruz is also the hometown of the well-known
African market, (read more about this in the article below), and this is where you will find the El Corte Inglés department store. Most specialty shops in Santa Cruz follow the tradition of siesta, while the major centers are open all day.

Tenerife Charter Airport, Reina Sofia airport, has duty-free shops, but the prices here are no lower than what you pay in the Santa Cruz store. On the other hand, shopping at the airport is safer, and expensive perfume we would certainly have chosen to buy at the airport, thus avoiding a bad surprise at home when using the new perfume for the first time.

A selection of shopping centers in Tenerife

Centro Comercial Plaza del Duque
Centro Comercial Plaza del Duque is located south of Tenerife, at Playa de Fanabe, and has about 40 stores selling exclusive fashion brands. Both Spanish and international brands. This center is also excellent for those looking for a better dinner. The restaurants Bliss and Catavinos are located here.

El Corte Inglés
El Corte Inglés is an institution in Spain, and the magazine of Tenerife can be found in the capital of Tenerife, more specifically in the street Avenida de Tres de Mayo. Here you shop shoes, perfume, clothing, accessories, music and much more.

Carrefour Tenerife
Want to visit a hypermarket? Then you have the chance at this great Carrefour center, located about 6 km from Santa Cruz, at the Autopista del Sur. This center was formerly called Continente Centro Commercial and there are about 150 stores, in addition to the aforementioned large hypermarket. Open Monday through Saturday from 1000 to 2200.

Center Gran Sur
Shopping Center Center Gran Sur has quickly become a popular place for tourists. Not only can you buy all kinds of goods here, but you can also eat good food, go to the movies, some of the movies are not dubbed in Spanish! The center is open from 1000 to 2200, while the cinema is open until midnight. Even on Sundays the shops are open. You will find the center at the Fanabe, more specifically on the TF-1 motorway.

Centor Comercial Parque Santiago
Parque Santiago, 3 at Playa de las Américas, (38660, Adeje) is a tourist resort with a huge shopping mall with more than 150 stores. The center has a wide variety of types of products and suppliers, and you will find different price variations.

Alcampo la Villa Shopping Center (Centro Comercial Alcampo)
This giant shopping center is located in La Laguna, not far from Santa Cruz de Tenerife. In addition to a number of regular stores, you will also find various outlet stores at Alcampo where you can buy designer clothes for a reasonable amount of money. The address is San Cristóbal de la Laguna and opening hours are 0900 to 2200.

Markets in Tenerife

In local markets it is okay to bargain. Torviscas The market (Saturdays) and the market in Los Christianos (Sundays) are the largest markets south of Tenerife. They are touristy, but they are still worth a visit. Here are lots of sales stalls and also often fashion shows and similar entertainment.

Golf Del Sur Market (Friday morning)
This is one of the newest markets in Tenerife and is popular, perhaps most because of its location at the new marina. The market is much smaller than eg. Sunday market in Los Cristianos.

Los Abrigos Night Market (Tuesdays)
This small market is held in the square in front of the church in Los Abrigos every Tuesday night. It’s not that big, but nice enough, at least if you plan to combine your visit with a late dinner at one of the many restaurants in Los Abrigos.

Sunday market in Guaza
If you love old books and used clothes, CDs, DVDs and the like, then you go to Guaza and the market which is open on the first Sunday of each month. Here you may be able to find exactly the one you have been looking for for a long time!

The African Market in Santa Cruz
The famous Mercado Nuestra Senora de Africa is a local Canary Island market that functions as a bazaar with more than 300 sales stalls selling most, especially local vegetables and fruits. The market is a short walk from the Santa Cruz bus station. Look for a pink bell tower and show up early for the best items! Usually open all days from 0600, but best Sunday morning! In the African market you can buy flowers, fruits, vegetables, cheese, fish, meat, spices and herbs.

Eating on Tenerife

Food in Tenerife, Spain

One of the most fun things about traveling is experiencing the local food. In any case, most people think so. But you can, if you like, eat Norwegian meat cakes, burgers and tacos in Tenerife. This is easy to get at, on and around the biggest tourist hotels for Scandinavian (and British) charter tourists.

In any case, we think you should try more than the tourist traps and tourist bars, and eat your dinners at one of the many “proper” restaurants in Tenerife. Most of the island’s restaurants serve Spanish cuisine, and of course you will find countless tapas bars.

Tapas favorites in Tenerife:

  • Boquerones (small filleted fish)
  • Camembert frito (fried camembert cheese)
  • Chipirones (small octopus, oiled and fried in pan on hot plate)
  • Chopitos Fritos (squid snacks)
  • Croquetas (bread, mixed with potato and / or fish)
  • Empanadas (pie stuffed with tuna and tomato)

In general about food in Tenerife

The local food in the Canary Islands is not at all an unusual diet for most of us. Here, most grilled meats are eaten, such as pork, lamb, chicken or cattle. But the location naturally indicates that fish are also popular, often served to salty fried potatoes, (papas arrugadas).

Why not take the trip away from the bathing destination where you live, e.g. Playa de las Americas, and rather visit an island’s quaint little towns for good food and pleasant nightlife?

Eating in Puerto de la Cruz

There are probably 300 restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz, and it is wonderful to wander around and look for a suitable eatery. New restaurants are opening continuously so it’s hard to say where and what to eat.

But anyway, head east to the Plaza del Charco main square, along Calle San Felipe, to get to the city’s old fishing district, better known as La Rinalla. This is the heart of the restaurant district. The restaurants around the cobbled streets are a find for anyone who knows how to enjoy food and city life. Here you will find your restaurant, whether you prefer vegetarian, Mediterranean, classic Spanish cuisine, seafood, traditional Canary food or Italian restaurants.

Perhaps the best part is that the prices are still very nice for us tourists. We suggest the following specials for a successful dinner: Conejo en salmorejo (rabbit stew), gambas a la plancha (grilled shrimp) or cherne con papas arrugadas y mojo (a kind of sea bass with boiled potatoes and “spicy” sauce).

Two selected restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz

Casa Pache

Simply a lovely restaurant in the heart of Ranilla district. Charming rooms consisting of small rooms each with their own style. Creative chefs bring you delicious Spanish food. Also a plus for lots of delicious wine and tapas specialties. The address is Calle de la Verdad 6.

La Clave – Tapas Y Pintxos

A slightly trendy tapas restaurant, not unlike the ones you find in Barri Gotic in Barcelona. The address is Calle Puerto Viejo, 18.

Eating in Santa Cruz on Tenerife

When in Santa Cruz, head towards the gray stone tower at Iglesia de la Concepción to get to the lively Old Quarter of the Noria district. Here you will find a number of exciting and good restaurants, not least in the trendy Calle Antonio Dominguez Alfonso street.

One recommended restaurant is Bulán, which offers the best of Middle Eastern cuisine. The address of Bulán is Calle Antonio Dominguez Alfonso, 35. Another alternative is the Catalan restaurant El Porron Tasca.

If you are looking for tapas bars, visit Calle Imeldo Seris Street for a selection of ‘ montaditos ‘ (small pieces of toast with various accessories) and a tortilla Español. You will also find good tapas bars along the Parque García Sanabria and Calle Dr José Naveíras Street. And then you can have a romantic walk in the park after dinner.

Eating in Los Cristianos

There are of course several good restaurants in Los Cristianos as well. If you want to eat something Spanish, namely paella, then we suggest Raymond 1, in the street Calle General Franco, not far from Hotel Andreas. Reasonable prices and good paella make this a good choice.

Nightlife on Tenerife and Santa Cruz

The Noria district is the center for nightlife in Santa Cruz. You will find a variety of bars and pubs offering everything from rock to jazz. Saturday and Sunday are the most important nightlife here. Do you still have the power when the bars close at 0300, so know that there are clubs that keep going until the shops open.

In general about food and restaurants in Tenerife

Drink is not normally included in the bill. Does IGIC know so well that this is the Canary Islands ‘VAT’ which should be 5% (at the time of writing). You do not need to drink if you are not satisfied or if you only take a sandwich. Otherwise, we suggest you give about 10% for restaurant visits. Lunch is served around 1400 if not siesta, which is still common in Tenerife. Adults tend to have dinner at approximately 2100.