Shopping and Eating in Tallinn, Estonia

Shopping and Eating in Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is one of the largest cities in the country of Estonia.

Shopping in Tallinn

Shopping in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia described on Countryaah is for many a delight. A little humorous it is said that for every new store or shopping center that is established, there is an old one that expands and renews. It is still cheap in Tallinn and you will find a nice combination of goods from the east and west.

When it comes to shopping in Tallinn, many will be looking for craft products. You will find plenty of good quality glass and leather, as well as countless quantities of Soviet-era souvenirs. There are several outdoor markets that specialize in this type of product.

If you want to be sure that the craft products are of good quality, then it is better to buy them in special stores in the old town, and not in the cheaper outdoor markets. We suggest the area around Katariina Käik street for this type of product.

Beverages in Tallinn

Many people consider the possibility of buying cheap Russian champagne when in Tallinn defined by AbbreviationFinder. Russian champagne is of high quality and usually costs only 50 kroner per bottle. Also try Vana Tallinn, the city’s favorite liqueur. Specialty alcohol stores can be found in several downtown locations.

Shopping centers in Tallinn

There are many major shopping centers in Tallinn. Most malls offer a combination of well-known fashion brands in addition to local products. The malls are scattered around Tallinn and you have to go outside the old town to visit the best ones. Here is a selection of good shopping malls and department stores:

Stockmann, Finland’s most renowned department store, has a large center in Tallinn. The address is Liivalaia 53. Stockmann has good quality clothing, cosmetics, shoes, bags and leather goods, electronics and much more.

Viru Center The
Viru Center, located in the street Viru vålakak 4/6, is new and trendy. This large center has everything from shops and famous brands as well as a number of fast food restaurants and cafes. You can find maps for the shopping center on their website.

Tallinna Kaubamaja
Perhaps the most interesting shopping center in Tallinn is Tallinna Kaubamaja (Gonsiori street 2). Tallinna Kaubamaja used to be a typical Soviet department store, but it still stays in the competition for newer and more fashionable centers. This center is just off the Viru Center, so you will have no trouble visiting both.

Markets in Tallinn

Visit Keskturg on the street Keldrimäe 9. This is a traditional square hall where everything from berries to meat is sold. You also buy cheap clothes and souvenirs in this market. The market is open until 10 p.m. 1600 every day, except Sundays, when it closes at. 1300.

Eating in Tallinn

Food in Tallinn, Estonia

Most likely you will eat at a restaurant in the city center or in the old town, but remember that there are good and exciting alternatives also a little off the beaten track. And here it is often even more affordable. The Estonian cuisine is naturally inspired by Russia and Germany. Meat, potatoes, simple vegetables and beer are important ingredients in local food. Large portions and reasonable prices are other characteristics.

If this doesn’t tempt you, then you should know that Tallinn has a great variety of restaurants. You will find Italian, Chinese, Greek, Indian and Thai restaurants, as well as all the famous fast food chains found in modern metropolitan cities around the world.

Saturdays and Sundays it can be difficult to get dining at the most famous restaurants, so reserve tables earlier in the day. Prices are significantly lower than in Norway, at least if you compare restaurants of the same type of quality. Our advice is to treat yourself to at least one visit to one of Tallinn’s better restaurants for a good meal and a pleasant evening.

Restaurant tips in Tallinn,

Cold Nosu Kõrts

For local food we suggest the restaurant Kuldse Nosu Kõrts, which is located in the old town, more specifically in the street Dunkri 8. The restaurant is also called “The little piggy inn”. You will find a charming and relaxed environment in this restaurant which serves good local food. The restaurant is run by Schlossle Hotels.

Buon Giorno

Italian cuisine is often the favorite choice for the whole family. A good rule of thumb is to see where the Italians eat themselves, and it’s often at the Buon Giorno restaurant, located on Müürivahe 17 street.

This is a so-called spagetia. The restaurant is informal and popular. Get ready for Italian TV, homemade pasta and the best coffee. For table bookings call 640-6858. Buon Giorno is open from 1100 to 2200 every day of the week.

Pizza Americana

A good pizza restaurant is Pizza Americana. The address is Müürivahe 2, not far from Alexander Nevski Cathedral. Opening hours from 1130 to 2230 every day of the week.

Special restaurants in Tallinn,

Brick house

The address of this restaurant with the somewhat special name is Pühavaimu 13/15. It is located in the Schlössle Hotel; phone 699-7780.

Stone house has it all! From luxurious cutlery and lighting on the tables to premium dishes and excellent wine. Stenhus is one of Tallinn’s very best restaurants.

Olde Hansa

Olde Hansa is located at Vana turg 1 [see picture above] and has phone 627-9020 for reservation. The restaurant is normally open from 10am. 1100 to 2400. This is one of the best-preserved medieval restaurants in the entire Baltic.

The building, candles, the restaurant’s benches and chairs as well as the background music all have an authentic medieval style. The food is excellent and it comes with a historical explanation for all dishes. Beer and snaps served as drinks are also authentic medieval.