Shopping and Eating in Szczecin, Poland

Shopping and Eating in Szczecin, Poland

Szczecin is one of the largest cities in the country of Poland.

Shopping in Szczecin

We do not joke when we say that shopping in Szczecin is good. Of course, it’s not like London, Paris or Milan, nor Berlin, a city that is no further away than being able to get back and forth on a day trip. But you should have dark color on the shopping belt if you leave from Szczecin unhappy.

Shopping in Szczecin is enjoyable for your wallet. The prices are a great deal cheaper than you are used to at home, especially for handicraft products. Brands that you find in all international cities are traditionally “similar” in price, although we also find good bargains on these types of products.

Street markets in Szczecin

There are many street markets in Szczecin defined by AbbreviationFinder, and although no one is of such a character that you have to bring it with you, it can be nice enough to look at the public and maybe buy fruits, vegetables and craft products, not least amber jewelry, (amber in English).

Real amber, which is petrified resin, is at least 30 million years old, and something the region of West Pomerania is known for. Often you can see amber stones that encapsulate insects or e.g. pine needles. Such “stones” are often worth more, but remember that if you get an offer that is too good to be true, then it is often just that!

If you are afraid of being fooled by the market, then visit one of the many good jewelery shops around the Old Town.

Shopping centers in Szczecin

As everywhere in Poland, the people of Szczecin love big and beautiful shopping centers. The two best ones are probably Galeria Kaskada [see photo first in article] and Galaxy. Both are located on the “left” side of the river Oder.

Galeria Kaskada’s address is Aleja Niepodleglozci 60, just off Brama Portowa in the Old Town. The Galeria Kaskada is usually open 7 days a week from 0900 to 2100, except Sundays where it opens 1000 and closes 2000.

The galaxy has the address Aleja Wyzwolenia 18 which is about 1 kilometer just north of the Galeria Kaskada and right next to the famous Stefana Zeromskiego Park. This huge center also has cinema, bowling, restaurants and much more exciting. Opening hours from 0900 to 2100 every day, except Sundays (1000 to 2000). The supermarket has even longer opening hours than the center otherwise.

Special shopping tips in Szczecin

One tip is to buy glasses, provided you need it then. Glasses are cheap and the quality just as good as in Norway. Visit an optician in Szczecin. You don’t buy this at the street market:-)

Eating in Szczecin

Food in Szczecin, Poland

Despite its proximity to Germany, Szczecin does not shame our statement that eating in Poland is cheap. And considering that the portions are usually the size of what you find in the US, it just gets even cheaper!

Szczecin offers a wide variety of dining options, and you will find a kitchen from a range of countries and not least different regions of Poland. And the local food is recommended. After World War II, people came from all over Poland and settled in and near Szczecin, creating a food tradition no longer similar to what Western Pomerania was traditionally known for.

Russian pirates in Szczecin

Szczecin is “notorious” for its many bakery sales. And you should definitely test a fried yeast baking specialty that is baked with meat or vegetables. A popular variety is with cabbage, cheese and mushrooms. Not “cowardly”. The dish is good! Crisp on the outside and soft and tasty inside. And so you recognize it, the dish is served “rolled” like a spring roll.

It is all influenced by Russia and the court can best be described as Russian pirates! To buy “Russian pasties”, take a trip to one of the “bakery outlets” in the streets of Wyszynskiego or Vojska Polskiege Aveny. This is where you will find the original outlets that have helped get these dishes on a list of protected specialty products.

Featured restaurants in Szczecin!

The perhaps best-known and respected restaurant in Szczecin is briefly named Chief, and it serves only seafood. The interior is naturally strongly influenced by the maritime. It all gives the Chief a nice folk feel. The address of the Chief is Generała Ludomiła Rayskiego 16.

Italian restaurants are always popular, and a good choice in Szczecin is the Avanti restaurant, which, in addition to a variety of pizza varieties, offers other well-known dishes from Italy. Avanti’s address is Aleja Papieza Jana Pawla II 43.

Brama Jazz Café
Not many restaurants boast a location like the Brama Jazz Café does. You will find it “in” the royal portal from the early 18th century. In other words, you can literally sit at the table “inside” in a tourist attraction. Brama Jazz Café is a great place for a lunch or a drink break. The address of the Brama Jazz Café in Szczecin is Pl. Keep Prusklego 1.

Café 22
Maybe Café 22 is the eatery with the best view in Szczecin? The name refers to the number of floors in the Pazim building where Café 22 is located. The address is Pl. Rodła 8, ie just off the Galaxy shopping center.

Indian food is always tasty, and Szczecin has its Indian restaurants, of course. Restaurant Bombay is India good as something and offers good quality food. The address of the Bomay restaurant in Szczecin is ul. Partyzantow 1.

Drink in Szcecin

In Poland, it goes with Vodka and beer. The beer you drink in Szczecin is called Bosman and it is sold in two variants, green and red. Green is a special version, while red is the “original”.

When it comes to vodka, the brand name is ‘ Starka ‘. It is not just people in Szczecin who claim this is the best vodka in Poland. Taste a glass and find out for yourself!

Polmos Vodka distillery

For those of you who want to become more acquainted with vodka than you get at a bar, we can recommend a visit to Polmos Vodka distillery in the street Jagiellonska nr 63/64. Here you will find stored vodka from the early 1920s and giant barrels holding 40,000 liters.

Own tours are organized which include information and tastings of some of the best distillery has to offer. Meet up for registration!

Special Tips for Szczecin: Colorado Pub!

The Colorado pub is a kind of tourist trap that you can easily be fooled into. There is live music several days a week, and the atmosphere is as cowboy-brown as the name suggests. The interior has probably been the model for most Egon branches in Norway.

Best of all, the food is not left behind for a steak house in the US. We should also not forget that the Colorado pub is open till late into the night, at least Fridays and Saturdays. The address is Wały Chrobrego 1A (