Shopping and Eating in Singapore

Shopping and Eating in Singapore

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Shopping in Singapore

The merchant will be able to go completely crazy in Singapore and clear his account in one afternoon. And those of us who have aversions to shopping malls and markets are facing heavy days.

Singapore is probably more famous for the selection than for the prices, but you can still shop for items like fashion clothing, electronic items and jewelry. It’s teeming with pirate goods, though, so if the prices seem too good to be true, that’s probably exactly what they are.

Singapore’s premier shopping street is Undoubtedly Orchard Road, where you will find large shopping centers close by. The area is probably more expensive and more exclusive than the rest of the city, but the selection and quality are not many people complain about. Most major designer stores like Armani, Gucci and Calvin Klein can be found in the Hilton Shopping Center, or across the street in the Palais Renaissance.

The largest of the shopping centers is Ngee Ann City, with more than a hundred specialist stores (at Orchard Road 391) as well as it also includes the flagship Takashimaya, which is a huge Japanese department store, see image first in the article.

In Chinatown you will find countless small shops offering souvenirs, jewelry, herbs and medicines, food and clothing. Especially in the streets of Trengganu Street and Smith Street it is teeming with offerings.

Little India stands out with spices, jewelry, crafts and fabrics, especially in Serangoon Road and the side streets. Here you will also find the large Mustafa shopping center, open 24 hours a day, which mainly sells electronic articles at fixed low prices. The address of Mustafa shopping center is at 145 Syed Alwi Road.

Also very popular is Sim Lim Square in 1 Rochor Canal Road, a four-storey shop at Bugis Junction that sells affordable data, photo equipment, music systems, camcorders and other electronic items. They also have a solid selection of affordable but pirated CDs and DVDs.

A general about shopping in Singapore

A few tips in the end: Check that the products you buy can actually be used in Europe. Many articles are adapted to their own Asian systems or power. International guarantee certificates are important to bring, with stamp, product number and date. Singapore has a VAT of only 5%, but this can be refunded at the airport upon departure. And if you are in town during the period May / June, you will get super sales, with most stores cutting their prices by up to 70% to make room for new items.

Eating in Singapore

Food in Singapore

Singapore’s multinational melting pot has brought the best of both Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Arabic and European food traditions. In addition, you will find hundreds of new and exclusive restaurants of most nationalities.

Singapore also offers cheap, satisfying and varied cuisine at the various outdoor booths you will find throughout the city. In many places you will find so-called food halls, with many kitchens gathered under the same roof, where you can walk around and pick what you want and put yourself in a common dining area.

Here you can eat well and saturated for a cheap money while choosing and wasting a variety of both exotic and well-known dishes. An example is the image above. It’s from the basement of the huge Ngee Ann City shopping center in Orchard Road.

In Little India you will find the best in Indian food, in Chinatown this is the Chinese food that applies and in “Arabia” you get food from the Middle East. Otherwise it is no problem to find all types of kitchens around the city center or downtown. on the island of Sentosa.

The Banana Leaf Apolo

If you want to try something truly culturally authentic and want a colorful dining experience, maybe the South Indian restaurant The Banana Leaf Apolo at Race Rouse Road 54, in Little India, is for you? Here, curries and sambal, fish, seafood and vegetarian dishes are served on thick banana leaves, and you eat with your fingers. Most dishes cost a few bucks, and the service is brilliant, although the premises themselves may have some cafeteria fare.

The Raffles and Empire Lounge

At the other end of the scale, you can try some of the most elegant in Singapore. Travel to The Raffles, the world-renowned hotel in 50 Raffles Place, where lifelong masters are closely watching as you eat lobster or pigeon breast and noble French red wine in the light of large crystal chandeliers. Sure it is expensive, but the quality is difficult to surpass.

Drink in Singapore

Perhaps because of the Western influence coming from the British government for over a hundred years, Singapore has not established any tradition of wine. You can of course buy wine at better restaurants, but it is relatively expensive, since it is almost always imported.

The British, on the other hand, have managed to leave their pub culture, where workers go out after work and make a few pints. For that reason, there are often Happy Hour in the pubs in the time between noon. 17 and 20.

There are countless English and Irish pubs in Singapore, with a good selection of beers on bottles and barrels.