Shopping and Eating in Siena, Italy

Shopping and Eating in Siena, Italy

Siena is one of the largest cities in the country of Italy.

Shopping in Siena

There are many unique and special shops in Siena defined by AbbreviationFinder. And as always when visiting Italy you find outlets that are different from what you are used to from Norway. Fortunately now we say!

Best shopping streets in Siena

The main shopping streets in Siena are Via Dei Montanini, Via di Citta and Banchi de Sopra. Here are clothing stores, shoe stores, antique outlets, bookstores, food outlets and everything else you can think of.

The best antique shop in Siena is said to be Antichita Monna Agnes. It is located in Via di Citta no. 60.

It is not possible to visit Siena without shopping for food, drinks or sweets. Lovers of Italian cuisine are recommended to go to a shop that has been running since 1871. The sale we are talking about is called Antica Drogheria Manganelli and is located in Via di Citta no. 71-73.

A favorite store for food is Consorzio Agrario, (see picture first in the article) a kind of supermarket for local food and which has a range of products so wonderful that you want to pick so much with you. Consorzio Agrario also has its own bakery where you can enjoy a snack. Consorzio Agrario’s address is Via Giuseppe Pianigiani 9.

Souvenirs from Siena

Apart from food and drink, there are ceramics that people bring as souvenirs from Siena. A shopping alternative in this regard is Sonia’s Shop in Via Fusari, just off the cathedral.

Other souvenirs are tabs and symbols from the city’s famous palio, the traditional horse race that takes place in Siena twice a year. Otherwise, there is some krim-krams that tells you that you have visited Piazza del Campo that most tourists buy with them. And it is precisely at Piazzo del Campo that you will find most of the typical souvenir ships.

Clothes and shoes in Siena

Buying clothes or shoes in Siena is not stupid at all. There is a lot of smart Italian fashion to be found around the city. And a little special tip. The nicest Bennetton store in the world is probably to be found in Siena. The address is Via Banchi Di Sopra. 56/57/58. Usually open every day of the week from 1000 to 2000. Attention! This means that the closure begins approx. 1945:-)

Also remember to do some window shopping. Take a trip to Piazza del Campo, 30/31 and the Cortecci shop. Prada and Gucci are some of the less expensive brands you’ll find here. If you can afford to shop at Cortecci we would like to have you as our travel companion. If you can’t afford it, then try Aloe & Wolf, a stylish utility store with many brands in the street Via Porrione, No. 23. There is a street just off Piazza del Campo.

Markets in Siena

There is a large outdoor market located at La Lizza, near Piazza Gramsci, which is open every Wednesday from 0800 to 1300. Here you will find fruits and vegetables, cheeses and various clothing and household items.

Every third Sunday of the month there is a large outdoor market at Piazza del Mercato in Siena. Not least, there is a lot to look at for those who love antiques.

Special Tips for Shopping in Siena

The months of January / February and July are sales months in Siena. Then most stores have sales and you can save a lot of money on most items.

Eat in Siena

Food in Siena, Italy

If you go to Siena you are definitely aware that the city’s location is in Tuscany. Few areas in Italy are more known for their food and wine than just Tuscany.

The food tradition in Tuscany comes from ” cucina povera “, that is from the time there were poor conditions in the Italian countryside, and the chefs had to be creative in the use of the simple ingredients available.

Even though the restaurant menus in Siena today do not account for any of what you experience in far larger cities, it is still olive oil, bread, cheese, ham and salami that form the basis for almost all meals.

Specialties in Siena

Siena is known for its special pasta called pici and its flavorful cake called panforte. This cake has ingredients of nuts and candied fruits and is available everywhere in town.

Wine and Tuscany are synonyms. Here are two tips. South of Siena lies the district of Montalcino and from here come good wines in a row. We must also mention the Chianti district which probably everyone in Norway already knows. Chianti is located between Florence and Siena and is another well-known region for quality wines.

Ice cream is a specialty in Italy, and Siena is no exception. Many Italians we know look up to the Nannini family, not least because of the ice cream production. You can find a worthy outlet for the Nannini ice cream on Via Banchi di Sopra, 24, (see photo first in the article).

Some select restaurants in Siena

Il Pomodorino

The best pizza restaurant in Siena is probably Il Pomodorino in Via Camporegio 13. The pizzas are baked in the same way as in Naples, and the restaurant’s window table also offers great views of the bargain.

Cacio e Pere

If you are young, at least at heart, visit Cacio e Pere on Via dei Termini 70. This place is a kind of gallery / bar / restaurant / concert house combination and offers decent food in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, different from much else in Siena.

Osteria Da Divo

Not many meters from the Cathedral of Siena you will find the Osteria Da Divo restaurant. This is the place where you can relive the old Tuscan atmosphere with strong Etruscan guides.

The wine menu is large and literally covers the whole of Italy and much of the world by the way, and holds high quality. The food is something you will remember for a long time and the menu naturally includes Bistecca (famous Tuscan / Florentine T-bone steak).

The price level is at the Norwegian level, but you get a quality and atmosphere for the money you are looking for long at home. The address of Osteria Da Divo is Via Franciosa 25/29.