Shopping and Eating in Shanghai, China

Shopping and Eating in Shanghai, China

Shanghai is one of the largest cities in the country of China.

Shopping in Shanghai

Shanghai’s people see themselves as the most modern and shopping gal of all Chinese. And a modern metropolis like Shanghai defined by AbbreviationFinder is by no means behind the major European cities in terms of shopping opportunities. Brands are just as expensive in China as elsewhere in the world. Copy products are of course cheap. Chinese products, whether clothing or anything else, are of good quality and have a nice design, and prices are far lower than for European and American products.

The major shopping streets are Nanjing Lu and Huaihai Lu. Here you will find everything from shops and shopping centers. The most famous shopping centers are the Hualian department store in Nanjing Donglu Street. The center is known for its many products in the lower price ranges. Another well-known mall is the No 1 department store. This too has products at low prices. In Nanjing Xilu Street, you will find the most exclusive centers, such as Plaza 66. Perhaps the largest shopping center can be found in Pudong, right by the TV tower, in Zhengda Guangchang Street. The center is called the Superbrand Mall and is funded by Thai business interests.

Silk and porcelain
Silk and porcelain are two Chinese specialties. Porcelain can be purchased at the Shanghai Museum. It’s easy to get fooled in souvenir shops around town, so the museum shop is a good choice. Here you will find high quality products at reasonable prices.

You can buy silk at the silk market in Dong Jia Du Lu (Dong Jia Du silk market). The market is located in Nan-Shi district and is not easy to find, so take a taxi. Here there is always life and stir. There are many providers and you will find all types of silk products. Several sites recommend these outlets: Nos. 5, 70, 72, 121, 159 and 170. Another place you can buy silk is at the “Silk King Market” in Tianping Lu, in the French Concession area. This market is more efficient and modern than the Dong Jia Du market. Opening hours are at 0900-2100.

Antiques and Souvenirs in Shanghai
There are many shops selling souvenirs around Shanghai. We recommend calligraphy posters and teapots as souvenirs. Visit Old Town (Chinatown), where it is teeming with providers of this kind of product.

There is an antique market on Fangbang Zhonglu Street in the Old Town, where there is a lot of life on Sundays. The market is called Fuyou Antique Market. A more expensive alternative is the Shanghai Antique & Curio Store in Guangdong Lu Street. This is a specially crafted tourist trap with lots of antiques and souvenirs.

Eating in Shanghai

Food in Shanghai, China

Shanghai has not traditionally been known for its food, but in recent years the quality of its restaurants has increased significantly. As in other major cities, all the world’s cuisine is represented, but we think you should try Chinese food when you are first in China. China’s different regions have their specialties, and you will find restaurants for all these specialties in Shanghai.

A restaurant chain that offers Cantonese cuisine is Bifengtang. Here there is affordable food for high quality. If you want Shanghai specialties, try the restaurant 1221. Examples of local cuisine include crab, steamed beans, cooked pork and chicken and duck blood soup. The soup is said to be very healthy and should strengthen the body. It tastes (actually) good.

You buy cheap food at the Chinese fast food chains, of which there are many. In Shanghai, it is eaten “everywhere and all the time”, and it is easy to find snacks and snacks, whether it is corn cob or seafood. Almost all shopping centers have such simple restaurants. Be careful with some of the simple kiosks on the sidewalks. Norwegian stomachs may not tolerate all food equally well. Yunnan Lu is a dining street with many restaurants. It is located just off Renmin Square.

When visiting a Chinese restaurant, we recommend that you serve different Chinese dishes. Then you can pick what you like best and at the same time get an overview of different dishes. China has an incredible variety of dishes, and most of them are very tasty.

Chinese wine is quite good and we recommend you try it. One of the better Chinese wines is called Great Wall. It may not be the same as what you are used to at home, but it is a fun alternative and much cheaper than European wine, for example. Chinese food and wine may not be the most common combination. Beer, on the other hand, can be a good alternative. Chinese beer is very good and drinkable by “everyone”. It is not usually very strong (less than 4%). The best brands (at least the most popular ones) are Tsingtao, Yanjing and Beijing Beer.

Special restaurants

Restaurant is located in Taicang Lu. It is considered among the world’s 50 best restaurants. The kitchen serves Asian cuisine with Asian influence.

Lulu Restaurant
It is located on Nanjing Xilu Street on the 6th floor of Plaza 66 and is reputed to be one of the best in Shanghai cuisine. Here you get everything!

M on the Bund
The M on the Bund restaurant is recommended by all travel guides. It is located on the 7th floor of the Huaxia Bank building. The view from the terrace is great and the place is popular. Bookings are required in good time.