Shopping and Eating in Salzburg, Austria

Shopping and Eating in Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg is one of the largest cities in the country of Austria.

Shopping in Salzburg

It is nice to kill a few hours of Shopping in Salzburg defined by AbbreviationFinder. But apart from offering great souvenirs and – what else – Mozart bullets, Salzburg does not offer enough shopping opportunities to attract travelers with that sole motive.

That Salzburg can’t compare with London, Milan and Paris in terms of shopping shouldn’t surprise anyone. But what Salzburg does not have by virtue of innovative fashion and street cred, the city takes again with its charm. Linzer Gasse that goes all the way from Nybyen to Old Town has several small specialty shops as well as slightly larger outlets with brands you recognize from the fashion stores at home.

A favorite clothing store for many is Via Venty in Linzer Gasse 41. Open every day from 0930 to 1830 except Sundays where it is closed.

Linzer Gasse takes you to the perhaps most charming shopping street in Salzburg, namely Getreidegasse in the Old Town. Lovely Getreidegasse attracts the spirit of discovery in those of us who enjoy bookshops, antiques and galleries. This is also the street to visit when buying souvenirs. And expensive brands. And visit the Mozart Museum (Mozart Geburtshaus) which of course you should.

Outlet shopping in Salzburg

If you are looking for affordable haute coutoure or more regular brand clothing, then take the bus to McArthurGlen Designer Outlet. This outlet is a short half hour from Salzburg, not far from the airport, more specifically in Wals-Himmelreich and the address Kasernenstraße 1. The buses that take you there are routes 1, 20 and 27.

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet offers approx. 100 fashion brands and discounts are between 30% and 70% compared to regular store prices. Opens at 0930 and closes from 1800 (Saturdays), 1900 weekdays except Fridays where it closes at 2100. Sunday, Designer Outlet is closed.

Shopping center in Salzburg

Europark (not to be confused with a parking garage) is a shopping center located in the Taxham district a few miles northwest of Salzburg’s Old Town. This is a giant shopping center of almost 40000 m2 with approx. 130 stores. Of course you get something to eat here too.

For example, to Europark Salzburg you come. with the S-bahn running fast and costing little money. Opening hours for Europark are 0900 to 1930 Monday to Thursday. Fridays close at 2100 and Saturdays at 1800. Sundays are normally closed.

Eating in Salzburg

Food in Salzburg, Austria

You should be wary of the food if you can’t find something you like to eat in Salzburg. Austria may not be known as the ultimate culinary kitchen, but for most of us it is this food we like and no complaints about the portions one gets here!

We shouldn’t spend much time commenting on all the chocolates you can eat in Salzburg. The danger is great that you can get quite saturated on Mozart bullets. And it is guaranteed rice for its own sake and let the children laugh for chocolate. These are powerful matters. The Mozart bullets are almost everywhere, especially in the Old Town.

The Old Town also offers a lot of good street food. Traditional pretzels (pretzels) with cheese, ham and sauces you get everywhere. Certainly combined with beer. Sausages in all varieties and sandwiches of white bread, or for that matter fruits and vegetables, you get in the many stalls that stand around the old market square in central Old Town.

Café life in Salzburg

You do not exaggerate much if you claim that Austria is the best in Café business in Europe. Salzburg is no exception. They exist in all facets, but are often characterized by long traditions. One of the best and most accessible for those on the road from Old Town to Nybyen is Café Sacher Salzburg.

The location of Café Sacher is in the hotel of the same name (Sacher Salzburg Hotel), right on the river bank opposite the Altstadt, more specifically Schwarzstrasse 5-7. Here you get good salads, grilled meats (including hamburgers) and very good cakes. It’s not cheap, but worth it anyway.

You can buy the most famous dessert in Salzburg right here at Café Sacher. It’s called Salzburger Nockerl. And do you love chocolate cake so well known that this is the place for Sachertorte, the chocolate cake invented by Franz Sacher in 1832. Originally a specialty from Vienna. It simply tastes heavenly to the coffee.

Featured restaurants in Salzburg

There are restaurants of all price ranges in Salzburg. There are several Michelin restaurants, and plenty of affordable treats with good food for a reasonable price. In other words, everyone will find a place that suits the palate and wallet. The itinerary recommends the following:

For the circular host

This restaurant offers classic Austrian dishes such as Wienerschnitzel. Lots of good beer here too. Are you lucky with the weather in Salzburg so know that Zum Zirkelwirt has a roof terrace. The address is Pfeifergasse 14.

The Zum Zikrelwirt is open every day of the week, usually from 1100 until midnight.

Gasthof Goldgasse

The famous Goldgasse street in the Old Town has a number 10 restaurant that is really high class. Many consider Gasthof Goldgasse to be one of the very best restaurants in Salzburg.

Gasthof Goldgasse is open seven days a week, from morning to evening. If dinner is too expensive, then have a good lunch here. You get gourmet food then too.

John Keller

In Nybyen, more specifically in the street Richard-Mayr-Gasse 1, you will find the restaurant Johanneskeller. This is a charming and popular restaurant for simple food at a number of Euros that offers value for money.

Johanneskeller is open until midnight, but is closed Sundays and Mondays. Guest feedback goes to friendly staff and large portions.