Shopping and Eating in Parma, Italy

Shopping and Eating in Parma, Italy

Parma is one of the largest cities in the country of Italy.

Shopping in Parma

Parma defined by AbbreviationFinder is a prosperous city, and it may look like most of the many elegant editions of the city’s residents love spending afternoons and weekends wandering around hunting or clothing or gift items in the city’s many cozy little streets.

As in a number of other cities in Italy, you will also find in Parma the best places for shopping in and around the city’s historic center. There are many pedestrian streets in Parma’s historic center, often paved with cobblestones, and surrounded by colorful houses.

Along the main street Via G. Garibaldi, which passes, among other things, the Opera House Teatro Regio and the Basilica of Santa Maria della Steccata, you will find several shops. The best shopping street for most people is probably Via Cavour, which runs parallel to Via G. Garibaldi.

Start from Via Goffredo Mameli Street just south of the Basilica and follow Via Cavour north. Here it boasts of clothing stores, both international chain stores and more local specialty stores. If you follow Via Cavour all the way to the dome (located at the Piazza Duomo, where else?) You will also find Kiehl’s, a very well-known cosmetics and pharmacy store, and not least the old bookstore Fiaccadori.

Via della Repubblica is another great shopping street in Parma. And here in number 8 you will find an elegant Max Mara shop. Ladies should run and buy (if they can afford). Max Mara is headquartered in Reggio Emilia, which is the region of Parma.

Remember to visit Piazza Steccata where you will find several old historic shops. Located directly behind the Basilica of Santa Maria. If you like treasure hunting for ancient antiques, visit the district around Borgo Giacomo Tommasini and Via Nazario Sauro Street.

Outlet in Parma

If there are no stores in Parma town, then head to the village of Fidenza where you will find several outlet shops. It is the place where you can buy haute coutoure and brand clothing at greatly discounted prices. Fidenza is located approx. 30 kilometers away from Parma, in the direction of Milan. You can easily take a train, bus or car to Fidenza.

Souvenirs in Parma

From Parma, most people buy parmask and cheese with them, for example. and Parmigiano Reggiano. These are gifts that everyone wants, and besides, there are food products with durability. The wine you buy must of course be a Lambrusco wine or a bottle of sparkling Malvasia. Otherwise, Acqua di Parma, the city’s own perfume, is something many bring.

Markets in Parma

Every Thursday there is the antique market in Strada d’Azeglio. Here it is absolutely possible to find something old and unique.

In general about shopping in Parma

Remember that Parma is a genuine city not designed for tourists. That is, typical Italian traditions are followed, including siesta, which is usually held between 1330 and 1530. Most shops open at 1000 and close in 1930, but then of course with lunch break in the middle of the day. In addition, several stores are closed on Mondays until the afternoon session.

Larger shopping centers and some chain stores deviate from the traditional opening hours in Parma.

Eating in Parma

Food in Parma, Italy

As everyone knows, Parma is one of the most important food cities in Italy, including statues by being the headquarters of the European Food Safety Authority. Still, the reality is that food-loving tourists end up in Bologna, also known by the name of the thick lady.

However, we know that Parma is in no way left for major cities in Italy and can actually fight with the “neighbor” Bologna to be the best in Italy. The Emilia-Romagna region is not without reason known as the “food valley” and home to a number of signal dishes from Italy, and the cities of this region offer quality food that few others can match.

You should not have been in Italy long before you get to know the cheese Parmigiano Reggiano or the ham Prosciutto di Parma. Products that are as natural to see in Parma as it is to see teenagers with their heads down in a smartphone.

Markets, festivals and food specialties in Parma

If you are a bit lucky about the timing of your visit, it is not impossible that there is a market in the city, or for that matter a festival in honor of the ham and cheese (and wine). Probably the best food market is held at Piazza Ghiaia. The time is Wednesdays and Saturdays.

This is a market dating back to the 13th century. Today’s selection is lots of ham (what else?) Cheese, balsamo, pasta and other local goodies. The address is Piazza Ghiaia.

The festival for the ham mad is the Festival del Prosciutto di Parma in September. For those who just love food in general, the festival Gola Gola is recommended. It will be held in June. Then Parma celebrates all of Emilia-Romagna’s specialties.

Parma is also a wonderful coffee village. Here you get quality coffee in all varieties and desserts. And pasta of course. Parma claims they are the city that invented stuffed pasta, e.g. tortelli d’erbetta and anolini in brodo.

For example, try the pasta specialty at ai due platani. The city’s perfect eatery for this dish is the legendary Trattoria and the Osteria Ai du Platani, located seven kilometers from the city center. Well worth the taxi ride. But be sure to reserve a table to avoid a bomb trip.

Yes, we should not forget the desserts and sweets so quickly. Pasticceria Cocconi is the name of one of several good bakery outlets in Parma. These sweets outlets are food for the soul, so forget about calories for a while.

Here at Pasticceria Cocconi you will find at least 80 different cookies, bowls and other good. All freshly baked and fresh. Try a cannoli or their own specialty; a cannoncini, (which is a cream and chocolate filled donut). Ordered naturally with a strong espresso. Pasticceria Cocconi’s address is Strada della Repubblica 22.

Parma has several “gourmet outlets” where you can buy delicious dishes for your apartment, hotel room or a bench nearby. One such place is Salumeria Garibaldi. Here you can also sit down and dine on site. The drivers are known for their good service and can gladly explain to you a little about the food and the wine.

Salumeria Garibaldi is very informal, but without this in any way detracts from the quality of the food. Salumeria Garibaldi has been open since 1829. The address is Strada Giuseppe Garibaldi 42.

Featured restaurants

La Greppia

It looks a bit undesirable where it is located in the slightly worn street Strada Guiseppe Garibaldi 39. Inside, La Greppia reveals a small room that seats 8 – 12 tables, all with white tablecloths. The kitchen is easily visible because the wall separating the restaurant is made of glass. There you can see how professionals treat knives, kettles, pans and everything that comes with it.

The headmaster and waiters are of course experienced guys who provide impeccable service. Most importantly, the chef is one who knows his subject at his fingertips and who gives his guests the best of what the region can offer. Eat 30 months of ripened Parma ham, locally brewed beer or short-lived wine, truffles picked nearby and home-made pasta stuffed with chestnuts. Or how about veal with meat from a farm just a few miles away, supplemented with fresh potatoes and delicious red wine sauce?

No wonder we long for La Greppia. Great value for money since the price is very reasonably priced, seen from our customers’ point of view.