Shopping and Eating in Malaga, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Malaga, Spain

Malaga is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Malaga

Shopping in Spain is a dream and Malaga defined by AbbreviationFinder is no exception. The product range is almost always good, and it is almost always a good mix of trendy boutiques, huge shopping malls and old markets. Here you actually get everything! But it is probably not asked whether clothing, shoes and leather goods in general are the products where you make the best purchases.

And then we love El Corte Inglés, Spain’s most famous department store. You will find one in Malaga as well. The address is Avenida de Andalucia 4-6. Every day except Sundays, El Corte Ingles sells you everything from jewelery to the most stylish outfits. In addition, the department store has a rooftop terrace overlooking the city and offers alcohol-free and non-alcoholic drinks and of course good wine.

In general about shopping in Malaga

Remember that regular shops often have siesta, ie they are closed in the middle of the day. Siesta is not uncommon between 1330 and 1700. Opening hours including siesta times are always looked up at the entrance to the shops.

There are so many great shopping streets in Malaga that it becomes unnecessary to ram them all up. But Calle Marques de Larios just has to be mentioned. This pedestrian street offers the full range of shops, from the most expensive brand stores to local specialty stores. If you have no more money, you can hop on the slopes instead and enjoy the crowds on Calle Marques de Larios.

The Paseo del Muelle Uno at the marina in the center of Malaga is also worth a visit. The marina promenade starts at the Parque de Malaga and takes you to the lighthouse towards Malagueta Beach. Along the Paseo del Muelle Uno there are also shops selling everything from clothes, shoes, bags and other things that most people are interested in buying, also a number of tourist restaurants and a bustling public life.

Of course, a good alternative is to browse the old town and find small specialty shops that sell things you didn’t know you just had. In addition to great souvenirs from Andalucia, you will find many fine shoe stores.

Shopping centers and markets in Malaga

One of the best shopping malls in Malaga is Galerias Goya, located at Plaza Uncibay 3 in the city center. Just make sure your credit card doesn’t go up in smoke!

Most people still visit Center Commercial Larios on Avenida de la Aurora 25. It is said that the center is visited by close to 15 million people a year! But then there are also more than 150 stores gathered here, most of the well-known brand stores that most shopping people love.

If you love markets, you go to Mercado central Atazanas. First of all, there are fruits, vegetables, meats and fish you find here. It is so wonderful to see the fresh colors, take part in the crowd and feel the smells. This must be experienced! And you can take some Serrano ham with you home.

Eating in Malaga

Food in Malaga, Spain

Spanish food is tapas and paella, gazpacho and salads. In Andalucia, tomato soup gazpacho, served cold, is a traditional dish and is served in a variety of restaurants.

If you want to taste gazpacho then we suggest the restaurant Lo Gueno which is a rustic garlic restaurant hanging down the walls. Of course, they also offer a number of other Andalucian specialties. The address is Calle Marin Garcia 9. Opening hours from 1200 to 2400.

We also add that you must of course taste churros when in Malaga. You get this in several places in town. What is it? It is toast dipped in coffee or chocolate.

Food for both eyes and stomach is provided in the amazing Mercado Atarazanas in the street of the same name. And outside the market there is the opportunity to sit down to enjoy a Spanish light dish with something good in the glass. Mercado Atarazanas does not stand for example. La Boqueria in Barcelona. The street Atarazanas is the street that takes you from the Old Town to the Malaga business district and which sends you straight to the El Corte Ingles shopping center.

Mostly, there is an informal atmosphere that characterizes the restaurants. By that we mean that most eateries have a popular appearance. Of course, you will find some very exclusive restaurants that offer the best European chefs to offer.

Cafe de Paris

If you want gourmet food and stiff hoof master’s buck instead of a jovial “hello” in the door, then we suggest Café de Paris. This is a Michelin restaurant and one of the best eateries in Spain. Cafe de Paris has the address Calle Vélez-Málaga, 8 and serves lunch from 1300 to 1600 and dinner from 2000 to 2300. The restaurant is closed on Sundays.

Other selected restaurants in Malaga

El Tapeo de Cervantes

When in Spain you must of course eat tapas. Hardly any place in Malaga is better suited than El Tapeo de Cervantes in Calle Cárcer, 8, a street a little north of downtown Malaga. Dinner is served from 1930 to 2330 every day of the week except Mondays where the restaurant is closed. El Tapeo de Cervantes is not among the cheapest restaurants, but the food is of high quality. NB! El Tapeo de Cervantes is also open for lunch, (1300 to 1530).

Café Central

Is it possible to find a reasonably priced and cozy eatery with long historical heritage in Malaga? Absolutely, and one of the answers is Café Central, which is one of the city’s oldest cafes. Delicious pasta dishes and other simple meals are available here.

And coffee lovers are going to like the place especially well. Open from early morning to 2400 every day, except Sundays which are closed. The address is Plaza de la Constitucion. Click here for maps and reviews of Café Central.

Bodega El Pimpi

El Pimpi is closest to a tourist attraction to rain in Malaga. Take a look at the walls and you’ll understand why. Here there is also from time to time shows and shows in the spirit of flamenco dance. Bodega El Pimpi’s address is Calle Granada 62. Open until 0200 every weekday!

Restaurants Terre Mie

Do you like Italian food then the restaurant Terre Mie in the street Calle Molina Lario, 3 is a great choice. Here it is as informal and easy as only Italians get, without compromising on atmosphere, charm or quality of food. Nice prices, too.

The pizza is Neapolitan, and the entire restaurant has the character of Naples. Terre Mie is located in the middle of the old town, so you often have to wait a few minutes for free tables. But it’s worth it. Open from 1230 to 0030 all week!

Tourist strip in Malaga

If you are looking for good and well-known food that fits the whole family, take a walk along the Paseo del Muelle Uno down the harbor promenade. Here are the tourist restaurants in a row. They offer well-known food from all the world’s kitchens, Indian, Mexican, Greek, etc.

Nightlife in Malaga

The nightlife in Malaga is fierce. And then we do not necessarily think of the hundreds of bars and pubs that are both on the beaches and in the historic center. No, here are also trendy clubs and huge discos. Sala Wengé on Calle Santa Lucia can be an example. But if you are a good adult then maybe you should leave this podium to the youth?

Pubs, tapas bars and pubs can be found near La Merced and Calle Luis de Velazquez and Calle San Agustin streets.

Malaga’s best rooftop terrace can be found at AC Marriott Hotel on the street Calle Cortina del Muelle, 1. Here you can of course enjoy all year round with good drinks, even if you do not live in the hotel.