Shopping and Eating in Kristiansand, Norway

Shopping and Eating in Kristiansand, Norway

Kristiansand is one of the largest cities in the country of Norway.

Shopping in Kristiansand

In Kristiansand defined by AbbreviationFinder you will find all the shops you need. There are also different markets, from food and fish markets on Fiskebrygga to the urban market in Posebyen. The latter is held on Saturdays during the summer.

A city of Kristansand’s size, of course, also has some major shopping centers. The most famous shopping centers are:

  • Sørlandssenteret, located in Barstølveien 31-34
  • Sandens i Tollbodgata 16.
  • AMFI Vågsbygd in Kirsten Flagstadsvei 32.

But probably it’s more interesting to look at the many cozy specialty shops located on or near Markens. Markens is a pedestrian street which you will find at the end of the main square in the center, about 300 meters from the Cathedral, towards the harbor. One such store is Della Donna Vintage & Second Hand. Bella Donna is located in Tordenskjolds gate 47.

Eating in Kristiansand

Food in Kristiansand, Norway

There are several restaurants and eateries to choose from in Kristiansand. Not a few of the restaurants in Kristiansand are located on Markens gate.

In the summer there are few cities that are just as good to sit down and have a glass of wine and eat shrimp. Seafood in general is probably served at more restaurants in Kristiansand than most other cities in Norway. But there are plenty of meat restaurants too.

Some selected restaurants in Kristiansand are:

Fish bazaar Enok Nilsen

This is an outdoor restaurant you will find at Fiskebrygga in Kristiansand. The nice thing here is that it is sunny from morning to evening. The Fish Bazaar and Restaurant Enok Nilsen offer alat from simple dishes such as hamburgers and fish soup to delicious shellfish dishes.

Enok Nilsen also offers high season entertainment, e.g. live music and songs.

Bakgården Restaurant & Bar, Tollbodgt 5.

Looking for a beer or a good whiskey? Or a well-mixed cocktail? Or simply a huge hamburger or more sophisticated dishes? Then Bakgården in Kristiansand is the place. Here there are high ceilings and nice people.

The address is Tollbodgata 5 and Bakgården is open until late. NB! Closed Sundays. Read review and get maps to Bakgården here!

Butcher Sørensen

Butcher Sørensen is located at Markens gate 8b, centrally in Kristiansand. The restaurant is open every day of the week and delivers consistent quality all year round.

From the name you realize that the menu consists of meat dishes and a juicy steak at Sørensen always tastes good.

Sjøhuset Restaurant

Down by the docks towards Odderøya you will find Sjøhuset Restaurant. With its pleasant patios, Sjøhuset is a very pleasant place on warm summer evenings.

Sjøhuset Restaurant has classic seafood on the menu, as well as regular meat dishes and salads. During the summer season, you must expect that Sjøhuset Restaurant is closed on Sundays. Otherwise during the week the opening hours are from 1500 to 2200.

The address of Sjøhuset Restaurant is Østre Strandgate. Click here to read reviews and get maps for Sjøhuset Restaurant.

Restaurant Luihn

Restaurant Luihn has long origins in Kristiansand. The restaurant was long regarded as one of the very best, but got a break in quality in the early 2010’s. Fortunately, quality has picked up again with new owners and newly renovated premises (2019).

Restaurant Luihn is top-rated and suitable for everyone, whether you have children or are part of a larger group. The interior is cozy and you get good food that gives value for money.

The address is Rådhusgata 15, right by the Wergeland Park. Closed Sundays, but otherwise open from 1800 to 2300. Click here to read reviews and get maps for the restaurant.

Restaurant Mother India

Of course, all cities of a certain size have their share of Indian restaurants. Kristiansand is no exception. The best of the Indian restaurants in Kristiansand is called Restaurant Mother India and is located at Markens gate 6.

Mother India is open every day of the week and the opening hours are usually from 1500 to 2300. The address of Mother India is Markens gate 6, which is a cross street to Queen’s gate almost down at Kristiansand Kino. Click here to read reviews and get maps for Mother India.