Shopping and Eating in Kos, Greece

Shopping and Eating in Kos, Greece

Kos is one of the largest cities in the country of Greece.

Shopping in Kos

Of course, the shopping crazy of us gets something to spend our money on, also here in Kos defined by AbbreviationFinder. Kos is not as trendy as Milan or Paris, nor Athens, but if you are looking for traditional handicraft products, handmade clothing or leather goods, then you have something to look forward to.

You will of course find plenty of good food and drinks that you can buy home with you. And there are some outlets with fashion clothing around the island and in Kos Town in particular, which sells products from leading European fashion designers in so-called outlet stores for a reasonable amount of money.

Small markets and shops can be found all over Kos, but it should not be put under a chair that it is in Kos town most and best shopping opportunities exist. Remember that not all antiques are what they are described as, just like elsewhere. But in general, it is quite safe to buy jewelry, antiques and other expensive items in Kos.

The most well-known market is the Agora market [see image first in the article] in the center of Kos town. Once upon a time, this was a very well-known market in Europe !

The central shopping area of ​​Kos Town is not very large, so you will quickly become familiar with the various shops. Most stores accept credit cards.

Eating at Kos

Food in Kos, Greece

In Greece, take your time with the food, socialize with dinner guests and just have fun. Drink and eat whatever your stomach pleases. On our trips in Greece, we have often been pleasantly surprised by the opposite. And if you order moussaka on the biggest tourist shoppe in the most populous tourist street, well then you have to blame yourself.

In Kos, as elsewhere, the rule is that where you find the locals, the food is best. And in Kos the rule also applies that if you eat with a view of the marina or the sea, yes then you pay a little extra. And there’s nothing wrong with that?

Local specialties

Lamb is top, not least in Greece and Kos. Why not try a proper lamb stew called kleftiko, or a lamb skewer with lamb? And Greek salad naturally tastes best in Greece (Greece). And the tzatziki that you get for everything is good. There are other accessories as well. For the raw materials when it comes to fruits and vegetables, the quality is always very high.

If you want something simple and inexpensive, then taste a pita gyros. You get this Greek toast at all restaurants for under 30 kroner (or so) and it tastes absolutely excellent.

Drink on Kos!

Traditional beverages are Ouzo or a Metaxa. The latter is a Greek brandy which is perfectly OK. If you order ouzo you usually get a glass of extra or a small pitcher of water. Mix water with ouzo until it has a milky white mixture. It’s not meant to be tough to drink the ouzo unmixed. Not only is it strong, it’s also not as good as when you mix it with water.

Some selected restaurants in Kos:

Elijah in the Old Town of Kos
Rumors say that this is where you get the island’s best racomela. The menu otherwise consists of well-known dishes from all over Greece. Most popular is (of course) meze. Elijah is centrally located in the Old Town, right next to the bus route station. The address is Apellou 27.

Opening hours for Elijah are mostly from 1230 to 0030 every day of the week. The vast majority of guests are charmed by this fine eatery.

Rainbow in Kefalos
Rainbow is a restaurant that provides excellent feedback. The atmosphere is nice and the service good. The view is impeccable. Rainbow is located on the beach and overlooks the islands of Kastro and Nisyros. This is the place you eat your kleftiko ! (lamb pot). The address is Kamari Bay in Kefalos.

Plaza Beach Restaurant
In Kos Town and Sokratous Street 9, you can dine at one of the best restaurants in Kos. The restaurant is called Plaza Beach Restaurant and they serve delicious seafood (and much else good). Location, food and service are good here. Please call +30 2242 027059 for reservations.

Avli restaurant in Kardamena
Avli restaurant is recognized as one of the best restaurants in Kardamena. The restaurant is in the city center next to the Rio hotel.

The Avli restaurant is a family restaurant and is located in one of the first houses built in the city. The food is a combination of Greek tradition and typical international cuisine.