Shopping and Eating in Ibiza, Spain

Shopping and Eating in Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is one of the largest cities in the country of Spain.

Shopping in Ibiza

With so many movie stars and jetset people visiting Ibiza defined by AbbreviationFinder, we realize that we can shop for the latest fashion and accessories on this island. Not least, we think many (young and old) girls are very pleased when they see the range of jewelery and other accessories.

We do not know a better place to buy bikinis, t-shirts, sunglasses and the like than in Ibiza. Otherwise, Spain and the Balearic Islands are known for their shoes and leather products. You will find many specialty shops for that kind in Ibiza as well.

In Ibiza town is probably the most common start and end point for the shopping port area. Here it crosses the street markets with all kinds of products you expect to see. The more respected shops can be found in the streets Avg. d’Isidor Macabich and Passeig Vara de Rey.

Hippie markets in Ibiza

Everyone who visits Ibiza visits the Hippie market Es Canar. This market in Las Dalias at Sant Eularia east of Ibiza is organized on Wednesdays during the summer season. Opening hours are usually from 10am to 7pm. An alternative is the Hippi market Las Dalias in San Carlos. Not so well known, but okay. The time for this is Saturdays.

Souvenirs on Ibiza

Typical souvenirs and other products you bring home are olive oil of all kinds and various craft products. The Hippies settled in Ibiza in the 1960s and some of them are still alive. Several of these make underfunded clothes and sips that one is easily tempted to buy. Even today, the new hippies come here. For Ibiza is a liberal and inclusive island that provides space and space for all kinds of people.

Food, and primarily ham, is also something to buy home. and wine of course. And youngsters surely appreciate music or movies from Café del Mar or one of the larger clubs on the island. Chill out music is typical of Ibiza.

Special Tips!
Take a trip to Sant Antoni and the La Puerta Olvidada store, or ‘The Forgotten Door’. If you need something for your house or apartment that is guaranteed not to be next door, then you go here.

Eating on Ibiza

Food in Ibiza, Spain

Foods in Spain include tapas, paella, delicious seafood, ham and barbecue dishes that provide mouth watering. Not many other countries can compare with the variety of food that Spain possesses. As a favorite holiday destination, it is no wonder that Ibiza offers a number of very good restaurants. Even on several of the beaches, you will find restaurants that take great pride in cooking, and not just “skipping” the tourists for euros.

In Ibiza town there is plenty to choose from both bars and restaurants along the central Vara de Rey street. However, you will find something to eat or drink everywhere else in the city if you do not presumably find this particular street.

However, the “food town” of Ibiza is not Ibiza town, but Santa Eulalia east of the island. Here the selection is large and the food excellent. One restaurant that may appear to be a favorite here is the Cardamom Club Indian Restaurant. Romantic and good! Better not get Indian food.

As you understand, there are a number of international restaurants in Ibiza, so there is plenty to choose from, even if you want Italian, Indian or Chinese food. But first and foremost, there are local Spanish restaurants that attract us, with inspiration from both “Mediterranean” and Catalan cuisine.

A local dessert that must be tasted is Flaoens, a pastry originating in Menorca. Flaons de Morella, for example. filled with cottage cheese. Often they are sweetened with sugar or honey. Keep in mind that these cakes have a history dating back to the 13th century. Alternatively, take an ensaimada for cos, these are available everywhere, just seek out a pastelerias or a bar.

Best restaurant in Ibiza!

The ultimate restaurant in Ibiza is probably Can Bigotis, located just off Cala Mastella beach, in Sant Carles. The menu is seafood and the food is always fresh and the quality high. Here you have to book a table, literally. It must also be made personal. So take the trouble to stop in for a table reservation and look forward to a late-night restaurant visit.

Here is a selection of simple but good restaurants we recommend in Ibiza:

The Curry Club
If you are in Sant Antoni (San Antonio) then you should visit The Curry Club. A beautiful restaurant with lovely food. Add ok prices and a friendly service, then you will understand that most things should be arranged for a successful evening.

El Pirata The
craving for a pizza? Then we suggest El Pirata at the port of Ibiza Town! Some claim this is the island’s best pizza. Investigate yourself!

Moorea Grill Restaurant
Here you typically get food from the Mediterranean region. Moorea Grill is open almost 24 hours a day and very popular. It is centrally located at Playa d’en Bossa. Beach terrace for those who want to enjoy the view.

A popular restaurant is Flippers. A Spanish gentleman with an English wife runs this beach restaurant at Cala Llonga. The style is casual and can easily be described as an English pub mixed with a Mexican Nachos bar. Excellent barbecue food and also a possible starting point for a proper Sangria vorspiel!

Some also use Flippers as a fixed breakfast room. The large Flipper breakfast (from 1000) is popular!