Shopping and Eating in Houston, USA

Shopping and Eating in Houston, USA

Houston is one of the largest cities in the country of USA.

Shopping in Houston

Like all other major cities in the United States, Houston itself states that the city is a shopping paradise. And it’s probably true that you find everything between heaven and earth of produce in this great city.

Houston offers exciting specialty shops and, not least, huge shopping malls that stand out as the cathedrals of our time.

The Upper Kirby District
Here you will find a myriad of shops selling everything from shoes to interiors and baked goods. Walk the streets of Upper Kirby, West University and Montrose, e.g. Bissonnet Street Houston and Westheimer Road north of Hermann Park.

Shopping Centers in Houston

The Galleria
Shopping Center, which ranks # 1 in Houston defined by AbbreviationFinder, is The Galleria, a glass atrium with 375 stores selling exclusive products such as Cartier and Gucci and of course cheaper brands. The address is Westheimer Road, Uptown.

River Oaks Shopping Center
This 1932 center houses 65 stores and attracts tourists from all over the world. The address of River Oaks Shopping Center is West Gray, not far from Westheimer Road.

Uptown Park
With inspiration from Europe, Uptown Park stands out as a very refined shopping center with its colorful building located on an elegant piazza. The center consists of a number of exclusive shops. The address to Uptown Park is Uptown Park Boulevard.

Antiques and Flea Markets in Houston

The street for those who like to look at and maybe shop for antiques and art is 19th Street just north of downtown.

Flea markets are always fun. It is said that one of the best in Houston is the Sunny Flea Market located at 8705 Airline Drive. Here you will find everything from old LPs, computer games to popcorn machines and furniture.

Souvenirs in Houston

The typical Houston souvenir draws inspiration from Texas. Ie Cowboy hats, which, by the way, are much more expensive than you think, if you then buy a real version, belt buckles with ox emblems, Texas flags and maybe an elaborate craft product. There are many souvenir bins. One of the better, and more expensive, Texas and The Territories is located at The Galleria shopping center.

Eating in Houston

Food in Houston, USA

Houston is one of the cities in the United States with the best restaurant offerings. The residents often eat their food outside, which ensures that the restaurants are usually well visited.

The variety of cuisine is great in Houston and in addition to compulsory Tex-Mex food and barbecue, which you just have to experience, you have to make room for food from Germany, France, India, Italy, Lebanon, China, Thailand and Brazil, only to mention something.

With its location near the sea, seafood is popular. Eat shrimp and other shellfish at a restaurant or buy directly from boats at the harbor.

Restaurant tips in Houston

Of course, there are many downtown restaurants, and the Westheimer Road that runs through Montros, Galleria Areas and River Oaks has a number of restaurants. One suggestion is Mark’s American Cuisine where it would be unnecessary to explain the type of food on the menu? The address is 1628 Westheimer Road. The restaurant is very popular and reservations should be made early.

A good (and typically American) alternative is the Cheesecake Factory at 5015 Westheimer Road. [see image first in article].

Do you like Chinese food, or for that matter Vietnamese food? Then visit Houston’s big Chinatown. Here you will get everything from Peking Duck to Dim Sum. In the US, they love Asian food!

Do you want a slightly informal evening of real fajitas and maybe one or more Maragaritas too? Try El Tiempo Cantina at 5602 Washington Avenue. Mexican and Italian cuisine and a lovely atmosphere. Often full on weekends.