Shopping and Eating in Granada

Shopping and Eating in Granada

Granada is one of the largest cities in the country of Granada.

Shopping in Granada

It’s just so nice to walk around Granada and look around in various shops, galleries, markets and bazaars.

Shopping in Granada defined by AbbreviationFinder takes place primarily near the cathedral and on the streets of Calle Recogidas and Calle Reyes Católicos. These are streets in the historic center ofGranada. You will find primarily well-known stores such as Zara, Pull and Bear and the like.

Calle Elvira is a street in the Albayzin district and belongs to the Moorish part of Granada. Here you will find a number of exotic shops, almost bazaar-like, which not least offer good leather goods and lamps of all colors. Maybe this is where you find your dream souvenir?

Carrera del Darro is perhaps the most charming street in Granada. Here you will also find a number of exciting specialty shops and galleries.

If you are looking for cheap products of all types, then visit the street Calle Mesones almost in the middle of the city center. The street starts from the large square Plaza de La Trinidad which is easy to recognize with its beautiful fountain.

Shopping center in Granada

A favorite center for many in Granada is Nevada Shopping. It is biggest and best and an experience in itself. The address is Avenida de las Palmeras 75. You will find the center approx. 5 miles south of the historic center. Opening hours are from 1000 to 2200 every day of the week except Sundays where it is closed. Check out theNevada shopping website here!

Suvins and memories from Granada

In Granada you meet the Alhambra the same way you meet Mozartbullets in Salzburg. The fortress town of Alhambra can be found on postcards, cups and magnets and other items in all souvenir shops. You can also find Alhambra on liqueur bottles and as a motif on t-shirts. So if you are looking for something that symbolizes Granada, then you know what matters.

Specialty shops worth a stop in Granada

Otherwise, Granada offers a lot of food and drinks that are easily taken home. Take a trip to the famous and charming Al Sur shop / bar (see photo above), which is in line with the old and impressive entrance to the Old Town, Puerta Elvira. The address is Calle Elvira 150.

The dream shop for ladies of all ages is (maybe) the Patio. It is located in Calle del Darro 5 and offers perfume in endless variations. You can also create your own perfume in the store. In addition, thePatio de los Perfumes has its own perfume museum.

Candy in every shape is worth testing out in Granada. Why not visit Muzungu in Cuesta de Gomérez, 3 not far from Placa Nueva ? The shopMuzungu brings happiness to both you and your dentist.

If you are more than a so-called tea type, Medievo is the right place. You will find a giant Medievo store opposite the Cathedral of Granada. The address is Calle Cárcel Baja, 5. They also have different types of herbs and spices. Let the sense of smell get tested and visitedMedievo.

A must for anyone who loves great pictures and creativity is to visit the Galleria Alea in Calle del Darro 51. Simply our favorite shop. Why didn’t we buy the picture of David Bowie?

Eating in Granada

Food in Granada

Granada is known as one of the best tapas cities in Spain. It is teeming with good tapas restaurants in Granada.

The food in Granada is characterized by short-lived local produce. Much comes from the mountainous area near Granada. But food is also brought and brought from the sea, which after all is not far away.

Some classic dishes in Granada are the salad La Pipirrana (preferably contains onions, tomato, olive oil, boiled eggs, preferably some fish, cold meats, vinegar, pepper and garlic), las habas con jamon (which is beans with ham), La trotilla part Sacromonte (omelette with ham) and of course the cold tomato soup gazpacho. On the cake / dessert front, las Tortas de la Virgen and the caramelized sugar cookie la barreta will be typical of Granada.

But Granada has many other exciting things to offer in the food industry as well. Remember that Granada has been under many different cultures, and it has naturally affected the food as well. Especially food from the Middle East and North Africa. The menus are often from Morocco, including cous cous, traditional tea and dessert cakes.

Granada is teeming with restaurants, tapas bars, as well as so-called teterias (which are Arabic tea houses) and all types of bars. Also remember that Granada is a very large student city. This often results, as here in Granada, in very lively nightlife and plenty of affordable nightlife.

Some select restaurants in Granada

Los Jardines de Zoraya

Sometimes you also have to experience a dinner show with Flamenco. And then the best choice is Los Jardines de Zoraya, located in the street Calle Panaderos, centrally located in the Albaicin neighborhood of Granada.

Los Jardines de Zoraya serves up either delicious three- or four-course dinners for the two daily (nightly) flamenco shows.

Bar Avila

The traditional tapas restaurant or tapas bar if you want, we let Bar Avila represent. The restaurant has been in Granda since 1967 and you will find it in 16 Calle Verónica de la Virgen, which is reasonably centrally located in the middle of the city.

In Bar Avila, it usually gets crowded and you, like them, come for a beer, some wine or something stronger, and tapas.


At the more exclusive end of the scale, we choose Alameda which is located in the street Rector Morata 3 in Granada. There are several Michelin restaurants and of course so-called Michelin recommended restaurants. such as Alameda. Almeda is a gastrobar offering typical Andalusian cuisine, but with a modern twist. Here you also get various high quality fish dishes.

The best part is that you do not get broke for the prices here are very popular, the quality taken into consideration.

Restaurante Jardines Alberto

As a green oasis, you will find Restaurante Jardines Alberto (see photo first in the article) near the entrance to the Alhambra. The address is Paseo de la Sabica. The prices scare no one, and certainly not when you think about the quality of the food.

The restaurant is family run and was started in the 1950s by the son of the famous painter Ramón Carazo. Originally it was a party place with Flamenco. In 1985 Carmen became a restaurant.

Opening hours are usually from 0900 to midnight. Here you get both lunch and dinner. Sundays and Mondays, Restaurante Jardines closes Alberto at 2030.


With perhaps the most stylish location, ie the top of the Centro Cultural Memoria de Andalucia, you will find the gourmet restaurant Arriaga, which is perhaps also the best and most beautiful restaurant in Granada. Here it is not reasonable, but then you get Michelin quality. And great views are included.

Arriaga’s address is Av. De la Ciencia 2, ca. 1.5 kilometers outside the center of the research park. NB! Arriaga is definitely worth a visit, but stays closed Mondays. In addition, Arriaga serves lunch only on Sundays and Tuesdays. Lunch is 1345 to 1530 and dinner is 2045 to 2230. Book in advance.