Shopping and Eating in Frankfurt, Germany

Shopping and Eating in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is one of the largest cities in the country of Germany.

Shopping in Frankfurt

Frankfurt defined by AbbreviationFinder may not be the first place to go for a shopping trip, because it is not very affordable. But the selection is very good, and Frankfurt has one of Germany’s foremost shopping streets, the 1.2 kilometer long Die Zeil. Zeil is called Germany’s answer to 5th Avenue in New York. The western part, between the two major squares Hauptwache and Konstablerwache is the pedestrian zone, and here it is teeming with shops, shopping centers and department stores.

Just west of the Hauptwache is the street Grosse Bockenheimerstrasse, or Fressgasse (Slafsegaten) as the town’s inhabitants call it, because of the many eateries, restaurants and delicatessen.

Those looking for designer boutiques and exclusive fashion should set the course for Goethestrasse, while younger ones may prefer to try Schweitzerstrasse in the Sachsenhausen district. The Bohemians will surely thrive in Bergerstrasse in Nordend, with its many specialty shops, Asian and African stores, second hand shops and galleries.

Some shopping tips from the Travel Plan in Frankfurt

The Hallhuber in Goethestrasse 4 (Innenstadt) is perfect for women (and men) looking for clothes. Have been for a long time the place people in Frankfurt visit for trendy clothes at reasonable prices.

Shoes & News is the shoe store you should visit in Frankfurt. The address is Mörfelder Landstraße 109a. Here you will find designer shoes that will not ruin you. Open 0930 to 1830 on weekdays and 1000 to 1500 Saturdays. Do not mix the store with the more exclusive store next door that is only called First. More expensive, but even more trendy.

Ölderado at the same address specializes in delicacies and oils. A shop for the senses and gourmet people. Ölderado is open Wednesdays to Saturdays, from 1400 to 2000 Wednesday and Thursday, 1100 – 2000 Friday and 1100 to 1600 Saturday.

Douglas Store
What do you say to 3 floors with everything a woman’s heart can desire? If you are going to buy cosmetics, do it here. Douglas Store is located in the large shopping center Zeilgalerie, address Zeil 100. Open 1000 to 2000 Monday to Saturday.

If you like street markets and flea markets, try Alla Vita Bueno in Hasengasse 5-7, which is a popular street market.

In general about shopping in Frankfurt

The stores are generally open from 10am. 1000 to 2000 or 1800 Monday to Friday, and from 1000 to 1600. Most shops are closed on Sundays, but there are exceptions. And don’t forget that for items that cost a little you can get a refund of the VAT at the airport on your return journey. Not all stores have this scheme, so feel free to ask first, or look for the Tax Free Shopping sign at the entrance.

Eating in Frankfurt

Food in Frankfurt, Germany

Frankfurt is well associated primarily with Frankfurter, ie sausages, by most of us. And enjoy eating sausages in Frankfurt. Just remember that you have to forget what you know about this dish for the Germans know how sausages are made. And fill with sauerkraut, mashed potatoes and beer or sides.

Visit Affentor-Schanke in Neuer Wall 9 in Sachsenhausen to taste such a local favorite. A Frankfurter or “Franks” as they say in the United States is usually made from pork, smoked and cooked.

Huge selection of restaurants in Frankfurt

Frankfurt will give you more than enough opportunities to enjoy the delights of the dining table. The most important area for affordable food is north of the city center, at Opernplatz and Rathenauplatze. Many residents recommend Grosse Bockenheimerstrasse and Kalbaecherstrasse streets for eating out. Grosse Bockenheimerstrasse is often called Fressgasse (Slafsegaten) [see image first in the article] by the city’s inhabitants because of the many eateries, restaurants and delicatessen shops.

If you are looking for more bohemian restaurants then the Bockenheim area is a good choice. Here you can visit a squeeze (with a positive sign) and take a Handkäs mit Musik, which is a cheese dish, and rinse it with beer or Ebbelwoi, a kind of apple wine. If you do not find any things that are tempting, which however should be well done, we recommend a trip to Römerberg. Or why not go to Sachsenhausen, which tempts local dishes at its many cider houses?

In the city’s main street, Zeil, there are plenty of restaurants naturally, and many of the well-known chain restaurants can be found here.

Some recommended restaurants in Frankfurt

Da Franco
A real Italian pizza restaurant in Saalburgstrasse 41. The food is cheap and good. The location in Bronheim makes Da Franco a little beyond the main tourist areas.

Alternatively, choose Dichtung & Wahrheit, which blends Italian and German cuisine. Here the food is a little more expensive and a little more varied. The address is Am Salzhaus 1 and the opening hours are enjoyable enough for 0200 Fridays and Saturdays, and at 0100 at night the other days.

Zum Wasserweibchen
This restaurant is included in most travel guides and is known for its large portions and good quality. The Zum Wasserweibchen is located in Am Mühlberg 57 and is open from Sunday to Friday between 1700 and 0100.

We must also mention an Indian restaurant called Jewel of India and located in Wilhelm-Hauff-Strasse 5. One of the better Indian restaurants in Frankfurt without being ruined for that reason.

You can also have a better dinner with a glorious panoramic view of Frankfurt in the restaurant located 187 meters above ground level in the Main Tower. This is considered one of Frankfurt’s more exclusive culinary restaurants, and the price level matches its location; loud.