Shopping and Eating in Dusseldörf, Germany

Shopping and Eating in Dusseldörf, Germany

Dusseldörf is one of the largest cities in the country of Germany.

Shopping in Dusseldörf

What is the typical souvenir if we are to ignore postcards, beer glasses or glass with a picture of the town hall is not so easy to say. But a beautiful cup of the city’s very special mustard will remind you of Düsseldorf every time you eat it.

Another popular souvenir is the Kräuterlikören Killepitsch. With its blood red color and the combination of almost 100 herbs, berries and spices you get something very special in the bar cabinet.

Are you not looking for souvenirs, but clothes, shoes, or other trendy products? Then you can start saving money now. For Düsseldorf is a shopping paradise. It is only Berlin that can compare with the shopping in Düsseldorft defined by AbbreviationFinder at home in Germany.

Shopping street queue

Everyone goes to “Kö” or Köningsalle as the street is really called. Here you can find a lot of jewelery, jewelery shops, galleries and the most expensive brand shops. Kö is considered to be the shopping street with the highest rent in Germany. This is usually a sure sign of the street being popular, the goods expensive and the economy of the district good.

Do you dream of the department stores Galleria, Saturn and Karstadt ? Of course, all these German favorites can also be found along Kö. In the same sledge you can take with you Schadowstrasse which is known for its many department stores and not least the Schadow Arcade. It is stubbornly claimed that this street has even higher turnover than more Kö.

Fashion streets in Düsseldorf

If you want to try to find the latest new, then head to Ackerstraße in Flingern. This area is east of Düsseldorf and is often separated with Flingern north and Flingern south. Ackerstrasse is in the middle, roughly in line with, but east of, the Hofgarten. The trend shops here can compare with the best in Berlin.

You can also find fashion in the Lorettostraße in Bilk, south of Altstadt. Fashionable shoppers also take the trip to Tußmannstraße in Pempelfort northeast of Altstad and northwest of Flingern.

Markets in Düsseldorf

The Christmas market in Düsseldorf is legendary. This is mostly because of the old Christmas tradition. A trip to Düsseldorf in December is a great way to get into the Christmas mood.

Elsewhere in the year, the Saturday market at Aachener Platz applies. It is located 4 kilometers south of Altstad, in the Flehe district.

In the Karlstadt district just south of Altstadt you will find the main square of Carlsplatz. This weekend, the popular markets are organized here, with an emphasis on food, fruits and vegetables. We also include the monthly market Radschläger-Markt which takes place on Ulmenstraße, about 5 kilometers north of Altstadt.

Check with the tourist office about the Radschläger-Markt arranged when in town. This market attracts people from far and near.

Food and drink in Dusseldörf

German food is considered by many to be a little solid and “heavy”. Large portions, yes, but not much more. And sausages and sauerkraut are not just a stereotyping of food in Germany. You actually get it everywhere. But it is actually good to have a “wurst” when you need food quickly! For the sausages here are much better than at home.

Most famous in food is probably Düsseldorf due to the fact that the city together with Dijon in France makes a very special mustard served in a traditional Mosterpöttche.

Traditional dishes in Düsseldorft

Since you are now in Rhienland, there are certain dishes you should try. What about Rheinischer Sauerbraten ? Fried beef is marinated in vinegar and herbs. Or Muscheln Rheinischer Art which is a traditional dish with mussels? If you are brave, try Himmel und Änd, which is a pudding with potato chips and apples. It is much better than it may sound.

Given the mustard tradition, you should also try the Düsseldorfer Senfrostbraten which is beef with mustard. And don’t forget Ähzezupp. Better than here you do not get pea soup.

It is literally teeming with eateries in Düsseldorf. Especially in the old town, but in general the offer is good almost all over the city. Germans love to dine out, and in a modern metropolis like Düsseldorf, the offer is covered with everything from typical German treats, through traditional beer halls and brattwürst stalls, to international fast food chains and all the world’s cuisine.

Some selected restaurants in Dusseldorf:

Food in Dusseldorf, Germany

Alberobello on Dorotheenstraße 104 in Flingern, east of Altstadt, is known for its excellent Italian food, at a reasonable price. Maybe this is the place where you get the most money for all of Dusseldorf?

Robert’s Bistro
Robert’s Bistro in Wupperstraße 2 in Düsseldorf-Hafen (Medienhafen), south of Altstadt, is recognized as one of the best restaurants in the city. Might be described as a French restaurant. They do not take a table reservation, so show up with patience.

Bug and Meerbar
In the same area as Robert’s Bistro, more specifically at Zollhof 13, you will find the fish restaurant Bug. Stylish rooms and good food.

If you have very good advice, you may be eating your fish at Meerbar. Then you also have to visit the Gehry houses. It doesn’t get any nicer. The address of Meerbar is Neuer Zollhof 1.

El Amigo Primo Lopez
El Amigo Primo Lopez makes us run to the old town every time. This is something as nice as an Argentine steak restaurant. Have you ever tasted steak from Argentina, you will never forget it. The address is Schneider-Wibbel-Gasse 9

Altbier in Düsseldorf

In Düsseldorf you have to drink Altbier or “old-beer” which dates back to the early 1800s. Schumacker breweries in 1838 were the first to start with this beer type.

Pubs with their own brewery leading Altbier are Füchschen, Schumacher, Schlüssel and Uerige and all are located in the old town, with the exception of Schumacher which is located between the railway station (Haupthbahnhof) and the old town (Altstadt).

Braueri im Füschen
We would like to recommend Braueri im Füschen in Ratinger straße 28. You drink Altbier and eat Sauerbraten!