Shopping and Eating in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Shopping and Eating in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai is one of the largest cities in the country of United Arab Emirates.

Shopping in Dubai

Shopping is the popular sport in Dubai and there are many major shopping malls in the city. In addition, there are many smaller shops and souks (marketplaces) that are worth a visit.

In Dubai defined by AbbreviationFinder, it is common to buy rugs manufactured in Iran, Pakistan or China. Both clothing and perfume are affordable in Dubai. The same goes for electronics. Many believe that such products cannot be cheaper than in Dubai.

Gold, silver and spices are other popular products that tourists like to shop in Dubai. Many people buy the gold at the gold souk or at the airport. It is not without reason that Dubai is called “The City of Gold”.

Dubai Shopping Festival

The Dubai shopping festival is held in the months of January and February each year. Discounts of between 25% and 50% on many items make this year’s wildest shopping event. It is estimated that far more than 2 million people visit Dubai just for the shopping festival.

Shopping centers

Bur Juman Center (
This center has more than 180 stores and is good for brand clothing from Europe and the United States. You will find the center in the Bar Dubai area. Opening hours are at 1000 to 2200. Fridays open the center at. 1400.Click here for a map!

Lamcy Plaza
This shopping center is built like a copy of the Tower of London. Here you will find in addition to approx. 170 stores also many high quality restaurants and well known fast food chains. The center is located in Deira.

Wafi Shopping Mall This is perhaps the most elegant mall in Dubai. Wafi Shopping Mall has over 200 stores. You get to buy all kinds of goods. In addition to shops, Wafi Shopping Mall has an ice skating rink, amusement park, cinema and lots of other things, not least activities for children. You will also find many good restaurants here. In reality, this is a city in the city.

Al Ghurair City
Al Ghurair city is a new shopping center that combines the traditions of the East with the new and modern. Al Ghurair is a well-known family in Dubai, and their original Al Ghurair Center was the first major hypermarket in Dubai. In this stylish center you will find all kinds of goods. The center is located in the Deira area.

Deira City Center (
This is one of our favorites. It is located right in the city center, not far from Sheikh Zayed Road. The center has everything from shops as well as golf’s biggest sports shop. Here it is often full on weekends.

Mall of Emirates
Mall of Emirates is something very special and must be experienced. Not only can you buy everything you want from clothing, shoes, perfume, but you also find a great selection of sports items and sports apparel. Here is the place for young and old alike.

The Mall of Emirates describes itself as a shopping resort and, amazingly, you will find an indoor downhill slope here. You can also dine in the restaurant or spend the night at the on-site hotel. Just standing in the taxi queue and admiring the clientele’s car park is an attraction. Opening hours are normally from 1000 to 2200 Sunday through Wednesday and 1000 to 2400 Thursday through Saturday. Mall of Emirates is located on Sheikh Zayed Street not too far from the famous Burj al Arab Hotel.

Al Bustan Center (
This center has more than 80 stores selling clothing, perfume, watches, shoes and more. In addition, the shopping center has its own clothing market, where textiles of all grades are offered. There is also a wide restaurant offering as well as international fast food chains. Opening hours are at 1000-2200 except Fridays, when it opens at 1600.Click here for a map!


Souk is the Arabic word for market, and traditionally it is in the markets that trade in all goods has taken place in Dubai. The most famous souk in Dubai is the gold souk. Here are several streets with shops at shops with jewelery in 22 and 24 carat gold. You are literally dazzled by all the gold. Going here is an experience even if you are not shopping.

Perhaps the most authentic and best preserved souk is the spice souk. It’s right next to the gold souk. The streets are narrow and all the spices of the world are offered here. The scents are exciting and exotic. The seasoning souk is an attraction well worth seeing. So, try to visit the fishing souk. Get up early and see local fishermen bring out all kinds of fish, crabs and more. Maybe you see a barracuda?

Eating in Dubai

Food in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Alcohol is basically only served in restaurants linked to hotels or similar tourist buildings. Don’t let that stop you from trying local restaurants. The quality is good in most places.

Here are some suggestions for local restaurants in Dubai:

Restaurant Beirut (tel. +971 43 9822) is located on Al Diyafa Street in the Satwa area. Here you get good barbecue and salads. Meals from approx. 40 kroner.

On the other side of the British Embassy, ​​in Al Seef Street, you will find a popular restaurant called Fatafeet. The restaurant has tables more than fifty meters along the river. Try soups and fish food. You can also get a hookah to relax with. The Fatafet has a touch of Eastern mystique and is inspired by both Egypt and Lebanon.

Bastakiah in Bar Dubai is always a winner among travelers in Dubai, not least because of great service, fantastic location and lots of charm. Phone booking on +971 4353 7772.

Don’t underestimate the food at the shopping centers. In the Wafi complex you will find various good restaurants, including a tapas restaurant, an Italian restaurant and one serving Thai food.

Most major hotels have bars and nightclubs. Emirates Towers hotels have several. Here you will find a wine bar and club with disc jockey’s. There is also a karaoke bar here. The boudoir bar at the Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa is the place where the world’s jet sets meet. There is a cocktail bar, nightclub and French restaurant.

Dubai also has (of course) well-known chain restaurants such as Hard Rock Cafe. And it’s really cool. The address is Zone 8A, Dubai Festival City Mall, at Marks & Spencer.

If you want a disco, try Zinc at Crowne Plaza. The address is Sheikh Zayed Road. Zinc is open from 2200 to 0300 every day of the week.