Shopping and Eating in Corfu, Greece

Shopping and Eating in Corfu, Greece

Corfu is one of the largest cities in the country of Greece.

Shopping in Corfu

Corfu’s shops are open for a long time, especially on the main tourist streets, and during peak season there is no difference between holidays and weekdays.

Shops that are primarily frequented by the residents usually stay open every day except Sundays until 2100. Wednesdays and Saturdays the shops close 1500. The shops have their Greek “siesta” between 1400 and 1700.

It is the typical Greek shop in Corfu as well, and popular souvenirs are traditional leather or ceramic handicraft products. Tourists who want something in the food industry typically buy enough olive oil or honey products. Most of the tourist shops can be found in Corfu town. If you are really interested in such products it will probably be more exciting to rent a car and visit one of several small shops with associated “home factory” which there are one or more of at each major road.

A special tip is wood products. With nearly 4 million olive trees on the island, there is no getting away from the fact that there are some souvenirs from this tree as well. Take a walk to Agios Spyridon Street in the Old Town and find souvenir shops selling just that. Not least, you will find wooden toys that put a smile on the mouth of every child.

Shopping in Corfu Town

No other cities in Corfu defined by AbbreviationFinder have the same variety as Corfy. But don’t expect a fashion mecca. Corfu town is mostly a place where you shop souvenirs and “tourist juggle”. Of course, there are regular shops and some smaller shopping centers, especially in the modern part of town.

But it is the old town that attracts most tourists. There are so many small shops that it is not possible to distinguish one from the other. We recommend everyone to visit the market, preferably early in the morning, which is open all days except Sundays. Here fruits, vegetables, herbs, fresh fish and much more are sold from dawn to lunch.

Other shopping places in Corfu

South of Corfu Town you will find the village of Moraitika which, in addition to a long beautiful beach, some tavernas and bars, also has a main street that has everything a tourist is looking for. You may not find the Paris and Milan fashion clothes, but you will certainly find the perfect summer t-shirt from Greece, the one you just have to wear!

Moraitika is located about 20 kilometers from Corfu and is a good place to spend a few days.

If you visit the village of Makrades there are a number of shops selling food products such as olives, jam and honey, and various types of local wine. Why go here, you may ask? Well, here is the quality of the best varieties, which is not necessarily the tourist resort where you live.

But, do not think that it is only you who are going here. Many people know about Makrade’s “shopping secrets”.

Eating in Corfu

Food in Corfu, Greece

It is not at all bad to eat out in Corfu. There are many good restaurants and tavernas, and the price level is nice. Of course, there are tourist traps here like other places where tourists flock together. So don’t forget the classic rules; quality usually costs a little more, and see where the residents eat! A great tip! Relax at the restaurant and do not get grumpy because you have to wait a bit for the waiter or it takes time before the food is on the table. You are in Greece now.

Greeks love social gatherings in general, and gatherings in combination with food and drink in particular. A larger Greek meal, preferably a lunch, starts with a selection of Mezes, which for us uninitiated can be reminiscent of tapas. There are light dishes served on large plates and can be olives, various cheeses, salads, vegetables, deep fried squid and various “dips” such as Tzatziki. You wash this down with what you want from a drink, and why not an ouzo too?

Main courses at tavernas and restaurants in Corfu usually consist of a mix of Greek specialties and internationally renowned dishes. If you are a dessert lover then know that dessert menus are not a priority in Corfu. But what you get is good enough. Among the specialties is the “almond cake” Baklava which is served with syrup or honey. Ice cream is natural enough too. For the recipe for Baklava!

NB! Breakfast in Corfu will in most cases say something simple, preferably bread with honey or jam. And juice. And coffee – or tea.

Some selected restaurants in Corfu:

Perhaps the most recognized restaurant in Corfu is Etrusco with its Greco-Italian chef. Here’s a view of a kitchen that has nothing to hide. Quality food is produced and served by willing service. Etrusco restaurant is located at Kato Korakiana on the east side of Corfu, about 13 kilometers north of Corfu Town.

Khryssomallis (aka Babis)
Take the street to Nikifórou Theotóki 6 In the old town and the sign zythopsitopolío you have come to a very traditional restaurant in the old town. If you want to taste the mousakás (and you should) then this is the place. Khryssomallis has been dating from hundreds of years back in time and the atmosphere indicates that we hope the restaurant lives for hundreds more years. Open all days.

Akamatra Zythopoleio
In the Spiliá district you will find Akamatra Zythopoleio, a small but very popular eatery where we recommend you try the bean soup for lunch. Beer-happy tourists and locals come here too, because the brands sold are many and good. Usually open all days except Sundays. The address is Odos Prosaléndou 8-10.

NB! Remember that restaurants can change owners or shut down at short notice. A good tip is to contact the restaurant in advance to check if it is far from your hotel.

Simple food in Corfu

If you fancy pancakes, (Crepes) sandwiches, lettuce, pita gyros or maybe a simple night meal that you bring with you, there are a number of options for tourists. If you spend your holidays in Moraitika, then the “bar” is recommended 24 Hours. Open as the name implies around the clock in high season. Even in winter, the restaurant closes as late as 0300 at night in midweek and at 0700 in the morning on Fridays and Saturdays.

Nightlife in Corfu

It was probably a more intense nightlife in Corfu a few years ago. The financial crisis leaves its mark. But it is still possible not to lie down in Corfu. And whether you are a lion, a family daddy or a pub goer, you can taste Tsitsibeera. Corfu has imported ginger beer from the British and their “Greek” version Tsitsibeera is simply good. Must taste at a restaurant near you!

One popular night out alternative to the discos is Café del Arte, which you will find at Kandoúni Bízi 23. Acoustic music is presented live Thursdays through Saturdays.

Many of the discos are located around the tourist town of Dassia on the north coast of Corfu. The nightlife strip west of the new port of Corfu may no longer be the way it was, but the Au Bar is still cooking. This is a disco as we remember it from southern Europe, and if you have never experienced “disco fever” then go here for an evening or night.