Shopping and Eating in Cape Town, South Africa

Shopping and Eating in Cape Town, South Africa

According to AbbreviationFinder, Cape Town is one of the largest cities in the country of South Africa.

Shopping in Cape Town

Shopping in Cape Town, the capital of South Africa described on Countryaah is not as cheap as it once was, and especially not in the more tourist-oriented districts. In the Waterfront stores, you probably pay ten times as much for African craft souvenirs as you would at a local retailer in the districts. However, some products may be profitable to buy. In particular, gold and diamonds are reasonably priced compared to Scandinavia. For example, try Afrogem at 64 New Church Street. They are open daily until 2 pm 1700, except Sundays.

African wooden masks are excellent souvenirs and gifts. You can find these almost everywhere in Cape Town, and of all sizes. But such souvenirs are considerably less expensive in the markets than in the tourist shops. Examples of such “local” markets are Greenmarket Square, Downtown African Market and Green Point Sunday Market. If you are good at bargaining, you will be able to get goods at a very good price. Among regular shopping malls, Gardens Center in Orange Street is among the largest and best in downtown.

If you are going to visit the wine districts, you will definitely be offered a box of wine, which the farms can export home for you. Remember that you can be refunded on departure.

Eating in Cape Town

Food in Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa gives you an excellent opportunity to taste meat that you would not normally find on the menus in Europe. Here you can test your taste buds on giraffe, crocodile, antelope, buffalo or spring goat.

If you prefer seafood, you can indulge in king prawns, oysters, shark and lobster as well as countless varieties of fresh fish. For example, try Mama Africa in Long Street (photos and location, menu and opening hours can be found here. Or try Africa Cafe at 108 Shortmarket Street. See the Africa Cafe website here.

You will also find plenty of Italian, Chinese, Dutch, Thai, Japanese, Portuguese and French restaurants here, and most of the fast food chains you know from Europe have long since entered Cape Town. Five Flies Restaurant in 14-16 Keroom Street is well worth a try.

It is difficult to point out any particular food tradition that originated in Cape Town, since over the years the city has been influenced by so many cultures and nations, all of which have left traces behind. Cape Town’s more cash-strapped residents are frequenting restaurants more often than in any other African city, and this helps ensure that the city has a large selection of restaurants.

Wine in South Africa

The South African wine needs no further introduction for the wine enthusiast. Products from Western Cape’s wine districts are available virtually all over the world and are considered among the finest. The wines from Constantia, Wellington, Paarl, and not least Stellenbosch, are the most famous and popular.