Shopping and Eating in Cairo, Egypt

Shopping and Eating in Cairo, Egypt

Cairo is one of the largest cities in the country of Egypt.

Shopping in Cairo

There are plenty of supermarkets and shopping malls in Cairo defined by AbbreviationFinder where you can buy most of what you find in European stores, but not much cheaper, at least not the imported goods. There is also a chaotic system in many of the centers. You will first get a coupon for the item you choose, then you will have to pay in another disk, get a receipt and pick up the item in a third place.

Good and distinctive Egyptian items include gold and silver jewelry, papyrus paintings, rugs, leather goods and hookahs. But always double check that it is genuine goods and not cheap imitations that break once you leave the country.

In addition, you will surely be offered hundreds of times cheap and fun little souvenirs such as camel figures, pyramids, pharaoh key rings, small Tut-ankh-Amon masks, etc.

The most fun and distinctive place to shop is, of course, Cairo’s huge Grand Bazaar, Khan al-Khalili. Here are hundreds of small stalls with intensely present proprietors offering all kinds of goods, in exotic-smelling labyrinthine alleys with a buzzing background noise of music, voices, mopeds and animals.

In Heliopolis, the most western part of the northeast, you will find most fashion boutiques and European chains, or Arabic fashion clothing if tempted. Especially in Horreya Street you should be able to do some bargaining on clothes.

Eating in Cairo

Food in Cairo, Egypt

In Cairo, the capital of Egypt described on Countryaah you will find both cheap local cafes and kitchen trolleys serving Egyptian cuisine on the streets and markets, Asian restaurants and modern, exclusive business restaurants with the finest French cuisine. But for you as a tourist in Cairo, it is of course the North African food that is most interesting.

Much of the food is already well known in Europe through the tens of thousands of retail outlets selling kebabs. In addition to kebabs, lamb with beef skewers, meatballs and falafel is common. Seafood is more unusual, and since it is a good distance to the sea, probably the fish on the menu is taken from the heavily polluted Nile.

Egypt is a Muslim country, so don’t take it for granted that the restaurant you choose has alcoholic beverages. Wine and imported beer are mainly found in the western tourist hotels, but try the Egyptian Stella beer, a light and tasty beer beer. If you choose water for your food, make sure you get a bottle, as the tap water should definitely not be drunk.

Among the better and more famous and popular eateries in Cairo, we can suggest two restaurants at each end of the price range. Paprika Restaurant in 1129 Corniche el-Nile lives up to its name with a variety of paprika-based dishes in addition to traditional Egyptian cuisine, and is very popular with Cairo’s media elite. Table booking is recommended.

The less expensive Felfela is located in 15 Sharia Hoda Shaarawi and is a long hall with a variety of Egyptian dishes. Here you can also serve beer for food, with birds in cages and aquariums with turtles and fish around you.