Shopping and Eating in Cagliari, Italy

Shopping and Eating in Cagliari, Italy

Cagliari is one of the largest cities in the country of Italy.

Shopping in Cagliari

Sardinia and Cagliari defined by AbbreviationFinder are trendy and stylish. At the same time, it is traditionally and historically bound. In other words, you can find everything your heart desires. whether it is the latest fashion and trendsetting products or traditionally crafted products.

There are several markets you can visit on holiday in Sardinia and a tip is to bring at least one food market where you buy a pecorino cheese with you. One of the most famous markets is the Mercato San Benedetto on Via Cocco Ortu street in Cagliari.

You have to buy with a bottle of good quality wine too. Or the famous liqueur Zedda Piras.

In Cagliari, it is the streets of Via Roma and Largo Carlo Felice that probably offer most of the best shops for shoes, jewelery, fashion and groceries. The pedestrian streets Via Baribaldi and Via Manno are the place for clothing and accessories, and maybe some craft products?

Most shops are closed on Sundays. Credit cards are common to use. Otherwise there is no problem finding a cash machine (ATM).

Eating in Cagliari

Food in Cagliari, Italy

In Cagliari you can eat anything you want. The pizza restaurants serve food at times we are used to. But traditional restaurants more or less maintain the tradition, and dinner is eaten in the evening. And the prices are very comfortable.

Food specialties in Cagliari

Sardinia offers a variety of specialties. Not least with sausages. Try a Salsiccia di chinghiale. Otherwise there is plenty of good fish to get. No wonder considering that the Mediterranean surrounds the island. The grilled fish tastes wonderful!

Sardinia also has a lot of agriculture, and vegetables and fruits are of high quality. The same goes for cheese. Notorious is Casu marzu, a rotten (musty) cheese that is forbidden to sell, but which you can probably get a taste of if you ask local residents.

Another common specialty is Culurgiones which is a type of ravioli filled with potatoes. Finally, let’s recommend porcheddu which is a grilled kid pig.

Some selected restaurants in and near Cagliari:

Cafe Restaurant Van Gogh

Feel free to take the taxi ride to Cafe and Restaurant Van Gogh which is about 3 miles outside the city center, facing east. Here you will get wonderful food from the traditional Sardinian cuisine. Feel free to bring the kids. And if you come for lunch, the visit certainly combines with a beach visit right by the restaurant.

La Stella Marina di Montecristo

Many food connoisseurs boast of the family-run restaurant La stella Marina di Monte Cristo. Lots of good fish dishes and other seafood. The prices are quite high, but the quality is even higher.

The address is Via Sardegna 140. NB! La Stella Marina di Montecristo has closed in mid-August.


In the street Via Darwin 2/4 just off the nature reserve Stagno di Molentargius will find an elegant restaurant in Caesar Hotel and serving specialties from Sardinia as well as classic Italian dishes. Quite high price to be in Cagliari, but now you’re not at a pizzeria. But the quality is superb and we really recommend a visit. Michelin recommendations year after year. And the prices are when you consider the quality is very nice. We had the swordfish carpaccio for appetizer which was absolutely delicious. And the main courses range from risotto to fish and meat. The service is impeccable and the wine good. And you get Sardinia’s best grappa at a reasonable price. Our recommendation is strong!