Shopping and Eating in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Shopping and Eating in Buenos Aires, Argentina

According to AbbreviationFinder, Buenos Aires is one of the largest cities in the country of Argentina.

Shopping in Buenos Aires

Thanks to a very favorable exchange rate of currency, most of Argentina can be bought at very good prices. Also, inflation and poor economy do not prevent portos from acting wrong. Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina described on Countryaah is South America’s best shopping city and can offer most things from exclusive designer items to simple wooden products.

Among the best purchases you can make are leather products, which is what Argentina has become known for. You will find shoes, jackets, bags and gloves of excellent quality less expensive in Buenos Aires than in Europe. Typical souvenirs include world-class Argentine red wine, and craft products such as woven rugs or perhaps a poncho. The national drink mate is also a distinctive Argentine product and a great gift tip.

The centerpiece for shopping in Buenos Aires is the lively Florida pedestrian street, teeming with fashion boutiques, leather product stores, bars and restaurants, and with musicians and street performers entertaining passersby. In Palermo Viejo there are many small, independent shops selling souvenirs such as crafts, textiles and ethnic art.

Flea markets and shopping centers The
flea market at Plaza Dorrego in San Telmo is one of the most Argentinian you can bring, and takes place every Sunday. At the other end of the scale, there are plenty of large, modern shopping malls like Patio Bullrich (in Avenida de Liberador 750) orGalerias Pacifico (in Calle Florida)

General about shopping in Buenos Aires
Most shops in Buenos Aires are open from 11am. 0900 or 1000 and is open until 11:00. 1900 or 2000 on weekdays. Saturdays most closes around 9 pm 1300, and Sundays it is mostly closed everywhere. Don’t forget that you pay 21% VAT, and you can get a refund on any purchase over $ 70, or approx. 450 NOK, on ​​departure. Not all stores have this scheme, so look for the Tax Free Shopping badge at the entrance to buy some more expensive items. Remember to bring a completed and stamped form and receipt.

Eating in Buenos Aires

Food in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Food and drink is an important part of Argentine culture, and portos love their restaurant dinners, which are consumed late at night.

The great immigration from Europe has made its mark on the restaurant offer in Buenos Aires ; Here you will find many Italian, Spanish and French restaurants. Of course, there are also Mexican, Chinese and Indian eateries as well as all the American chains from McDonald’s to TGI Fridays and Hard Rock Café.

But you don’t go to Argentina to eat pasta, cheeseburgers or chop suey! The Argentinian steak has a reputation for being the juiciest and darkest you can serve, so visit a parrilla for a feast. You get a big beef for around 100 kroner, and a bottle of red wine for the same price.

In general, Argentine cuisine is very meat-dominated, but there are plenty of good seafood restaurants, and vegetarians are also getting more and more choices to choose from.

Argentine wine

The Argentinians are rightly very proud of their wine, and the country is the world’s fifth largest wine producer. Argentine wine is impossible to put into booths, it comes in all varieties.

The best-known wines are made from the Malbec grape type, which is grown in vineyards in the Andes and has won several international awards. The white wines are usually fresh, fruity and dry.

You can also come out for another national drink, the hot, bitter herb drink mate. The taste may take some time to get used to, but you should feel very welcome and welcome if you are offered a tear.

The ritual of preparation and consumption of food is almost the whole point, as a cup is sent clockwise around the table to several, all drinking from the same bombilla, a combined straw and filter of metal.