Shopping and Eating in Budapest, Hungary

Shopping and Eating in Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is one of the largest cities in the country of Hungary.

Shopping in Budapest

Typical Hungarian souvenirs include porcelain, wines, antiques and local crafts such as woodpieces, rugs, embroidery and lamps. Also, you will find modern clothes cheaper here than in Western Europe, and footwear can also be a bargain.

The plague in Budapest is best for shopping

Although most of the attractions are on the Buda side, Pest is superior for shopping. The long pedestrian street Vàci Utca [see picture first in the article] has the vast majority of designer shops and fashionable shops of all kinds, as well as small local traditional Hungarian stores. In Folkart Centrum in number 58 you will find everything from local crafts.

If you are not looking for something special, it may be worthwhile to head down to the quarters around the Erszebet Bridge. In the main street Kossuth Utca and the myriad of cozy little streets around you will find many small and affordable shops selling antiques, crafts, books, souvenirs, leather, leather and jewelry.

Outside the center of Budapest

Outside the city center, there are several huge shopping malls next to outdoor markets selling fresh farm produce. Westend Shopping Center, next to Nyugati Railway Station, is one of Europe’s largest, and you will find everything from Western products such as clothing, electronics, music and perfume, usually at slightly lower prices than at home.

Markets in Budapest

Of markets we can suggest Ecseri Piac in southeast Budapest, where you will find everything from used clothing and LPs to officer slats from the Red Army. The market is open daily from 10am. 0800 to 1600, but closes earlier on weekends. And don’t forget to stock up on Hungarian Balaton wine.

Eating in Budapest

Food in Budapest, Hungary

Hungarian cuisine may no longer hold an important position in international haute cuisine. But in the first half of the last century it was very popular and you could find Hungarian restaurants in most of the major cities around the world.

In general and traditionally, Hungarian food is oily and heavy, usually based on meat and pork served in large portions. Most Norwegians have probably tasted or heard about national dish goulash, a heavy and spicy soup with cattle or lamb, onions and peppers. It is often eaten as a main course, cooked more like a thick stew. There are a number of varieties of goulash recipes from neighboring countries.

Restaurant Gundel in Budapest

The menus at Budapest’s restaurants are still dominated by the traditional magician’s kitchen, and prices are exceptionally low even at the best restaurants. For example, try Restaurant Gundel in Allatkerti Utca 2, opened by and named after Hungary’s legendary gourmet chef Károly Gundel in 1894. The map below shows the location in Budapest!

After the fall of Communism in 1989, more and more international restaurants opened in Budapest. So the choice is yours whether you prefer to eat Chinese, French, Italian, Indian, American or Japanese.

Itinerary restaurant recommendations in Budapest

Two great restaurant tips in Budapest defined by AbbreviationFinder are the Spinoza Restaurant and the New York Café and Saloon. These both offer quality, yet are so different in atmosphere, menu and style that you should bring both if you have the chance.

Spinoza Restaurant
In the Jewish quarter of Budapest, the capital of Hungary described on Countryaah you will find the intimate and charming Spinoza restaurant that brings to mind the good old theater bistros. Spinoza is located in the street Dob u. No. 15, a short distance from good nightlife areas. We recommend booking a table, phone is +36 20 464 2241.

New York Café and Saloon
It is not without reason that some have claimed that this is the most beautiful cafe in the world. [see picture first in the article] Here you can eat “expensive” and stylish in the saloon, or take the food more informally in the cafe. In the latter place you can also come for cake and coffee too. Their dessert menu is heavenly good and extensive. The address is Erzsébet Karta. 9-11.

Hungarian wine in Budapest

Hungarian wine is both good and cheap, and available in most restaurants, in colonial shops and in 24-hour kiosks. Most people know of brands like Balaton Riesling and Egri Bikáver, which are exported to all over the world.

Generally, most and best of white wine is produced in the areas around Lake Balaton, while red wines are made in the southwest, around Pecs. PS! We also tasted some really delicious rosé wines of Hungarian origin. Ask the grocer for advice!

Nightlife in Budapest

For an up-to-date overview of Budapest’s many nightlife offerings, you should pick up a copy of the Pesti Est Visitors Guide, which is available free of charge at the tourist offices and in many kiosks and cafes.

Alternatively, just take the walk to the “Passage” (street) Gozsdu Udvar in the Jewish Quarter, close to the Spinoza Restaurant (see above). Here you will find nightclubs in succession in all categories and for all “target groups”.

If you want to be closer to the big street Vaci Utca then Fat Mo’s is a popular night out experience as a combination of nightclub, bar and restaurant. Located on a side street of Vaci Utca, it has an adult clientele, live music with blues and jazz feel, and is almost always full. The address is Nyáry Pál utca 11.