Shopping and Eating in Bordeaux, France

Shopping and Eating in Bordeaux, France

Bordeaux is one of the largest cities in the country of France.

Shopping in Bordeaux

Bordeaux defined by AbbreviationFinder is not the most famous tourist city in France, and nevertheless Bordeaux is not thought of as a typical shopping city. But there you are wrong again. The city’s many pedestrian streets invite you to walk and shop. France is known for its fashion boutiques, and Bordeaux certainly does not embarrass this. Here you will meet Cartier, Hugo Boss, Louis Vuitton and everyone else we cannot afford. We recommend the Cours de l’Intendance Street and Gambretta Square for those who are fashion lovers and can afford it.

Fortunately, Bordeaux is also filled with stores that sell products at much lower prices.

Wine and Antiques

It is known throughout France that in Bordeaux you can buy wines and antiques of the highest class. There are many specialty shops for just that. Get to the Rue Notre-Dame street where there are crowds of antique shops.

For wine and food we suggest Cousin & Compagnie in the rue du Parlement St Pierre, no. 36. Here you get good advice and opportunity to taste.

Shopping streets in Bordeuax

For shops in general, the pedestrian rue Sainte-Catherine is the leading. Start at Place de la Comedie. Here you will find Galeries Lafayette, one of our favorites when it comes to clothes, interiors and much more. The Lafayette chain is perhaps France’s most well-known and most popular department store.

Shopping centers in Bordeaux

Meriadeck is located on rue Claude Bonnier Street and is open Monday to Saturday from 1000 to 2000. This is probably the largest center in Bordeaux. Especially good on affordable fashionable clothes for ladies. Also, you will of course find more dining options and everything else you would expect in a modern shopping center.

Le Marche des Grand Hommes is located on Place des Grands Hommes and is open Monday to Saturday from 0700 to 2000. Check out the food department!

Some special tips for Bordeaux!

Black Sea Caviar is a chain that specializes in selling Russian caviar from the Black Sea, and also the very exclusive caviar from Iran. This is a store you won’t find here at home. You can also buy the right vodka for your caviar brand here. The address is 5, rue de Martignac

One store that specializes in cheese sales is Antonin in the street 6, rue Fondaudège. Here, cheese is made according to old secret recipes and the production is done in the traditional way.

Eating in Bordeaux

Food in Bordeaux, France

We all know that the wine is good in Bordeaux and then it should come as no surprise that the food is also prepared according to all the rules of art. French cuisine is considered among the foremost, if not the best, in the world.

Food markets in Bordeaux

Bordeaux has a variety of food markets and you will probably find twenty pieces only in the city itself which offers vegetables, fresh fish and meat straight from the slaughter bench. One of the largest markets is called the Marche des Capucins or Capus as the locals say. From this market, local restaurants have sourced their ingredients in the 18th century. Early in the morning there is plenty of life on the Marche des Capucins and a tourist tip is to get up here early one morning. The address is Place des Capucins Bordeaux.

Bordaux is primarily known for combining food traditions and ingredients from its three neighboring regions, Perigord, Landes and Gironde. Thus, the restaurants in Bordeaux appear with a varied and exciting menu. Try Lampoire a la bordelaise, ie local fish cooked in, among other things, red wine. Bordeaux restaurants often have some delicious desserts, and creperies can be found in several places. Perhaps the most recognized is La Crepe d’Or?

Please note that if you ask for water next to the wine, you will probably get an expensive bottle of mineral water, unless you specify otherwise.

Some selected restaurants in Bordeaux are:

Seafood and French

A. thibaud in street 53, rue Saint Remi. The restaurant is considered one of the best in seafood and has been in operation for more than 20 years. Here you get daily variations in the menu based on which ingredients are best there and then, but classics like lobster in champagne sauce should be available. The wine cellar is of course excellent. NB! Don’t come in shorts and t-shirts.

Vieux Bordeaux
You will find this institution of a restaurant on the street 27, rue Buhan. The laurels are not rested here, and the menu is constantly evolving without compromising on quality. If you want to try modern French cuisine this is the place. Dresscode is smart business!


Le Cafe Gourmand
On street 3, rue Buffon you will find a wonderfully located cafe with a relaxing atmosphere. Cheese, artichokes, hare or seafood. The selection is large, there is good service and the prices are nice. You can also drop by for a cup of coffee and sweets.

Le Phenicien
A slightly different choice can be found in street 266, rue Sainte Catherine. Le Phenicien is a mix of Paris and Lebanon where you get sandwiches with the most delicious accessories. The cafe is also known for its very tasty kebabs. Of course, you get all varieties of tea at such a cafe.