Shopping and Eating in Beziers, France

Shopping and Eating in Beziers, France

Beziers is one of the largest cities in the country of France.

Shopping in Beziers

The address of Château de Flaugergues is 1744 Avenue Albert-Einstein, 34000 Montpellier. This magnificent vineyard is visited by about 50,000 people annually, giving you the opportunity to get acquainted with the production process, taste wine and buy wine. Don’t have time for such excursions so know that you can buy local food and wine everywhere in Beziers defined by AbbreviationFinder!

Les Halles in Beziers

Of course, you will visit Les Halles [see image first in article]. And in addition to money, be sure to bring your camera. A visit to this indoor market is as much an experience as shopping. Here at Les Halles, all the region has to offer from edible delights.

Les Halles can be found at the end of Rue Republique. NB! The market is closed on Mondays. Otherwise opening hours are usually from 6am to 1pm.

Important shopping streets in Beziers

The main shopping streets of Beziers Old Town are Rue 4 Septembre, Rue Mairan and Rue Française. Here you will find all types of shops, and preferably small specialty shops, galleries and “designer boutiques”.

Outside the Old Town, there are many shops and cafés along the ever-famous avenue n Allées Paul Riquet. The street is located east of the city center.

Of course, Beziers also has the legendary department store Galeries Lafayette in its ranks. Galeries Lafayette is located just outside the Old Town, more specifically in “Main Street” 9 Allées Paul Riquet. Number 9, for the sake of order, is north of this long boulevard.

Polygon in Beziers

After a long period of construction, the Polygone shopping center is finally ready to welcome shopping people. You will find this great center in the southwest of Beziers, more specifically in the street 3 Carrefour de l’Hours.

The architect behind what many claim is among France’s best shopping centers is José Ignacio Galán, which belongs to an architectural firm in Barcelona. In addition to shops there are bowling, restaurants, cinema and large “leisure areas” in Polygone.

Special shopping in Beziers

In Beziers you will find many “art shops”, and why not buy a memory you can hang on the wall? Take a trip to the Galerie Mercure Art Gallery, located at 8 Place des Trois Six for contemporary art. Also the building is worth looking at a little extra. A real manor house from the 19th century.

If you are looking for modern design and interior products, a tip might be Architruc & Balthaz’art which you can find in the street 5 Rue de Monmorency.

Eating in Beziers

Food in Beziers, France

You don’t have to be afraid to go hungry in France. All cities in the country have a great selection of good places to eat. And Beziers also includes much of the best of Catalan and Spanish cuisine. Add to that the region is known for its wine production and you understand that the palate gets some good days during the holidays.

Eating out in Beziers is not very cheap, but normally the prices of restaurants abroad do not scare tourists from Norway. France is far from any low-cost country, but the quality of the food is usually higher than the price. The vast majority of chefs take pride in refining the good ingredients into tasty dishes. The result is that you almost always get value for money.

Featured restaurants in Beziers

The street rue Viennet in the old town may appear as the food street in Beziers. In any case, we recommend Le Cep d’Or in rue Viennet 7. Good quality food for the money.

The L’Ambassade at 22 Boulevard de Verdun is one of the city’s best restaurants. However, you also notice the prices. Here you have to count on main courses from 200 kroner. But the wine is at least much cheaper than at home at L’Ambassade.

Béziers has a number of relatively newly opened restaurants. One of the best is L’Octopus in the street 12 Rue Boïeldieu. L’Octopus was awarded a Michelin star in 2009, but is not a deterrent yet. Closed Sundays and Mondays.

La Compagnie des Comptoirs
Why not visit a genuine, high quality brasserie while in Beziers? We suggest you go to 15 Place Jean-Jaurès and the restaurant La Compagnie des Comptoirs. The menu is influenced by the Asian cuisine, which makes the Mediterranean food even more exciting and tasty! Here, too, it is closed Sundays and Mondays. Prices are not low, but we guarantee value for money.

Cafes in Beziers

In the early morning, a tip is to mimic the locals and have the morning coffee at Cafe du Marche. This café is perfectly located considering that you are likely to be on the market in Les Halles anyway.

Another Café tip is Cafe “La Comedie”, which is probably the oldest bar in Beziers. It is definitely worth a visit. The address is 26 Allée Paul Riquet.

When the evening comes and you are both a little hungry at the same time as you want to enjoy a glass of wine, a good alternative would be to go to “The full camel!” Le Chameau Ivre at Place Jean-Jaures stays open throughout the evening every day except Sundays and Mondays.

Here you can enjoy a huge amount of good wines for well-known and unknown Spanish tapas dishes. The place is popular also among the residents.