Shopping and Eating in Berlin, Germany

Shopping and Eating in Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the largest cities in the country of Germany.

Shopping in Berlin

All cities as big as Berlin have plenty of shopping. Berlin has shopping malls and department stores in every neighborhood. The most popular areas among tourists are the streets Friedrichsstraße, Schöneberg and Kurfürstendamm. You will find markets around Tiergarten and Museums-Linden, and especially on Saturdays.

Many shopping malls start at Potsdamer Platz and the Arcade there. Remember that you can shop VAT-free in Germany when you come from a country outside the EU.

It is not so easy to find the best shops in Berlin, so for the most shopping enthusiast there are in fact private individuals and companies who specialize in arranging private shopping trips. As the Berliners themselves say: “we have everything, just not in one place”.

Trade in art and antiques is extensive in Berlin defined by AbbreviationFinder, and especially in East Berlin the number of galleries has skyrocketed. Antique shops can be found everywhere, but first and foremost visit the area around Ludwigkirchplatz at Kurfürstendamm. If you go to an auction, you can get both art and antiques. One of the most recognized auction houses is Villa Grisebaach, which specializes in 19th-century paintings.

Department stores in Berlin

Top quality and a variety of goods can be found in the KaDeWe or Kaufhaus Des Westens department store, located at Wittenbergplatz not far from Kurfürstendamm. The alternative is Karstadt, formerly Wertheim, which is located on the Kurfürstendamm itself. The address is Kurfürstendamm 231. Karstadt also has a branch at Hermannplatz. Normally, Karstadt is open from 1000 to 2000 every day except Sunday.

Markets in Berlin

There are many flea markets and used markets in Berlin, the capital of Germany described on Countryaah. The most popular market may be found on the street Straße on 17 June. Here, tourists and residents alike buy various handicraft products, used clothing, jewelry, music and all kinds of rarities. The market does not feel ashamed to be in an exclusive location in the city, with its relatively high prices. It is not far from the Zoo Station and the Technical Museum. Open Saturdays and Sundays from 6 p.m. 1000 to 1700.

Here you will find the market in Straße on the 17th of June in Berlin

Alternatively we can recommend the market in Heidestraße 10 at Tiergarten. Opening hours are Saturday and Sunday at. 1000 to 1800. There are fewer tourists and cheaper prices. The market has lots of books, porcelain and furniture.

Second hand stores in Berlin

There are many second hand stores in Berlin, and they sell all kinds of goods. Try the streets Schivelbeiner Straße and Malmöer Straße. What about a thrift store with 5-6 large rooms full of items like music, books, photos, cameras and the like? The place actually has no name, but is easy to find from Schönhauser Allee.

For specialty shops and the little something special we suggest you go exploring in the district of Mitte and the street Hackescher Mark.

Eating in Berlin

Eating in Berlin, Germany

Berlin as a city is, after all, an international metropolis, so here you will find all the world’s cuisine and a breadth of restaurants ranging from the finest in the gourmet genre to all the well-known fast food chains you certainly know before.

German cuisine may not have the words to be on par with, for example, French and Italian, but offers more of solid home cooking. The typical Berlin food is tasty and powerful, with a large selection of local ingredients ranging from eel to forest mushrooms. The two most typical dishes in Berlin are potato soup and currywurst. The former is served at all local quips and German restaurants in Berlin. For example, try Potato Soup with marjoram and pork sausage in slices. Curry sausage is most easily compared to what we get in our sausage stalls. You will find it on all street corners and are spicy sausage, tomato ketchup and bread.

Of course, other kitchens are home to many Italian restaurants, both trattorias and pizzerias. Due to many immigrants from Turkey and Greece, there are also many restaurants from these countries. Try a kebab (mutton) in the area around Kottbuser Tor or at the street Oranienstraβe.

There are also many high quality oriental and Mexican restaurants in Berlin. For those of you who like oriental food, we suggest you go to Savignyplatz and along Prenzlauer Berg. If you have a love for tex-mex food, then head to the Kreutzberg area.

In general, you will find most restaurants around Savignyplatz, Kollwitzplatz (near Kurfürstendamm) and Oranienburger Straβe (at Alexanderplatz). For those with particularly good advice and who are looking for Berlin’s best restaurants, you may want to seek out the most exclusive hotels (if you are not staying at one). These hotels, such as Hotel Palace Berlin, all usually have very good restaurants.

Some special restaurant tips for Berlin:

This Austrian restaurant with music by Mozart in the background and a fantastic cuisine is a classic in Berlin. Expensive, but good. Known for its wine list and high quality food. The address is Kantstraβe 153.


Here you can sit 207 meters above the ground in the TV tower while Berlin within 30 minutes rotates under you. The price level is not too bad, but you cannot pre-book tables and must be prepared to queue and wait.

La Lagnata
This restaurant is Italian with Tuscan specialties. Affordable and popular with many regulars. The address is Spielhagenstraβe 3, which is at the Schloss Charlottenburg.

This is a traditional and historic restaurant with international cuisine. The food is reasonable in terms of quality. Many of the politicians in Berlin will probably have this restaurant as their favorite. The address is Französische Straβe 47, by Unter den Linden.

Drink in Berlin

In Germany, beer is drunk, and although most restaurants have wide-ranging wine lists, many of the local residents prefer pils. Most popular is draft beer. Feel free to try the Berliner Kindl and Engelhardt beer types. The quality of these is among the best in the world. A specialty in Berlin is Berliner Weisse mit Schuss. This slightly watery and sour beer should be mixed with syrup or raspberry juice and then become a wonderfully refreshing drink.

Of more special quips in Berlin we can mention the city’s oldest, Zur Letzten Instanz, [see photo first in article] which opened its doors in 1621. Over the centuries they have had guests such as Napoleon, Maxim Gorky, Mikhail Gorbachev and Jaques Chirac. Zur Letzen Instanz is located in Waisenstraβe 14-16, just south of Alexanderplatz.