Shopping and Eating in Antalya, Turkey

Shopping and Eating in Antalya, Turkey

Antalya is one of the largest cities in the country of Turkey.

Shopping in Antalya

You can, of course, shop more than hand knotted rugs in Turkey. But Turkish rugs are really great. So if you manage to avoid walking in one of several tourist traps, then you can make a real carpet coup in Antalya defined by AbbreviationFinder. For the neighboring villages are the traditional carriers of this craft, and many great editions are available for purchase in the city.

Take a stroll to Konyaalti Cad Street to check out the many shops and carpets and clothing stores.

In Kaleiçi (old town) you will find many souvenir shops and shops selling leather products. For some reason, hookahs are popular souvenirs. But there are also lots of beautiful craft products of copper and hand-painted ceramics that you can buy, which will probably give you more pleasure. Feel free to visit the street market outside the Talya Hotel on Isiklar Street. Here you get most, and not least, food, spices, vegetables and other things for the dining table. Wednesday is market day!

Reasonable price level in Antalya

The price level in Turkey is generally very reasonable. But international brands cost about the same in Antalya as in Norway. The best streets for exclusive and trendy shops are Ataturk and Konyaalti. Local products, on the other hand, are cheap. When it comes to carpets you pay for quality. The more and closer the knots, the more expensive and better the carpet.

Migros 5M

This is a stylish and new shopping center. Here you go to Migros 5M to buy clothes, shoes and other accessories. Location is by Konyaalti Beach.

Eating in Antalya

Eating in Antalya, Turkey

Turkish cuisine is ranked as one of the best in the world. Food and drink in Turkey is too many kebabs, raki, meze and beer. The soup ice cream cone is also ubiquitous. The vegetables are fresh and good, and are available in large portions. Of course, along the coast, seafood is common. Fish and shellfish restaurants are therefore common in Antalya. Although it should not be overlooked that the most popular in Antalya is kebabs and simple barbecue dishes. After all, it is a tourist destination of dimensions!

A restaurant that combines all the best of Turkish food, Mermerli is a restaurant that has been located at the port area for a lifetime. The address is Banyo Sok 24.

Most Turks prefer to start the meal with meze, which in many ways can be compared to antipasti in Italy or tapas in Spain. Often deep-fried seafood or vegetables with strong sauces. Kebab is available in a number of varieties, and if you order fish then serve it fried in pan or grilled. For dessert we like to talk about small sweet pistachio cakes, or fresh fruit.

The national drink is called raki and it is often mixed with water where it turns into a milk blue (gray) color.

Belly dance in Antalya

Belly dancing is part of Turkish culture, and not many restaurants offer this type of entertainment for their food. For example, visit the Konak restaurant in the old town. The address is Ataturk Ortaokulu karsisi. NB! There are not a few restaurants named Konak in town, so don’t get too confused!

Vannilla Lounge
One of the best restaurants in Antalya for those who want something other than Kebab is probably the Vanilla Lounge in the old town. The menu is European. The address is Barbaros District Hesapçı, number 33 in Kaleiçi, (Old Town)

Nightlife in Antalya

For nightlife after the restaurant visit, take a stroll along Hesapci Sokaki Street where there is an abundance of nice outdoor seating and music bars.

Alternatively, head to Club 29, which is a giant outdoor disco. You can find the nightclub at Yat Limani.