Samsung Presents the New Exynos Super Chip

The South Korean information technology giant unveils the processor is likely to provide forces to the Galaxy S7.

The ink is barely dry in the chip manufacturer Qualcomm’s press release about a new Snapdragon mobile processor before 820 Samsung correspond again with the launch of a new top processor for mobile devices: Exynos 8890.

The new processor, replacing the processor, which has dominated 7420 Exynos Android-landscape in both performance and features, since it debuted in Samsung’s Galaxy S6-series in the spring.

Exynos 8890 will continue to be an octa-core chip, which offers four powerful cores to lift heavy tasks, while the four smaller nuclei takes over when to be cherished the flow. 

Samsung promises that the service intervals the new chip will deliver 30 percent higher performance, as well as reduce power consumption by 10%. At the same time it opens up new display options, with support for 4 k displays and Samsung’s fastest modem to date with Cat 13 LTE support which provides up to 600 mbps download and 150 mbps upload.

Coming soon to the Galaxy S7

The ambitious processor finds in all likelihood path to Samsungs upcoming S-mobiles, undoubtedly called Galaxy S7.

Samsung announces that the processor will start mass production by the end of 2015, an timning that is in harmony with a launch of a new flagship in early 2016.