Samsung Again Infringing Apple Patents, But Will Pay Only 5% of What Apple Demanded

A California jury has just sentence in the new trial of patents between Apple and Samsung. The verdict of this second assault comes two years after the greater process patents of history, by which Samsung has to pay $ 930 million to Apple. In this case, the Korean company has gone better stop.

Of the five software patents on which demanded Apple, Samsung broke one in all devices demand, which will pay a fine of $ 99 billion. Besides violated three mixed way, that will pay another 20 million. In total, $ 119 million (only a few cents per sold device and little more than 5% of what asked Apple, 2,200 million dollars).

Patent and demand devices

Apple had sued Samsung for allegedly violating the following patents (all software):

  • Patent 5.946.647: Quick links
  • Patent 6.847.959: universal search
  • Patent 7.761.414: synchronization in the background
  • Patent 8.046.721: slide to unlock
  • Patent 8.074.172: Word suggestions

The demand was about the following devices: Samsung Admire, Samsung Galaxy, Samsung Galaxy Nexus Note, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy SII, Samsung Galaxy SII Epic 4G Touch, Samsung Galaxy S II Skyrocket, Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy 2 Tab 10.1 and Samsung Stratosphere.

The verdict by patents

This has been the verdict for each patent:

  • Patent of the Quicklinks: infringed for all devices
  • Patent of the universal search: not infringed in No device
  • Patent of the synchronization in the background: not infringed in No device
  • Patent slide to unlock: infringed in Some devices
  • Patent of the suggestions of words: infringed according to decision of judge Koh

In addition, the jury considered that Samsung violated patents knowingly.

 Google will not help Samsung

The debt of Samsung for damages to Apple is to 1,049 million dollars (930m first trial + 119M second trial), unless a recalculation of this latest assault is made. On the other hand, a few weeks ago we posted that Google would financially support Samsung in its legal battle against Apple. This will not happen because others were patents that was infringing on Android and not Samsung.

This has been an initial verdict, the jury will continue deliberating the coming week from the responses of the Apple and Samsung lawyers before this first result.