ProShot, One of Applications of Photography More Advanced IOS, Comes to Android

In Android already we are accustomed to that many applications debuted exclusively on iOS and later come to our phones and tablets. Is worth the wait? Usually Yes since those tend to try their luck on the platform of Google tend to be quite attractive developments. The latter case, for example, perfectly fulfills what we say.

His name is ProShot and first could pass as one application to take photos and edit them with your mobile. However, we see a more in depth look one of the most interesting apps If what we like is taking pictures in manual mode and have greater control over the images that we capture.

Giving more choices to the mobile camera

Does your mobile phone does not include a good application for photos? ProShot wants to fill that gap being an app that allows us to configure different attributes such as the time of exposure, ISO, white balance make… I.e., the same thing that we could do with a conventional camera with manual mode.

The interface is very simple and very visual. Do not take up much space on the screen so When it comes to shooting it will not hinder. In addition, we can record specific modes for quick access to them. Gestures are comfortable and, for example, a single finger can do zoom.

Another interesting aspect of ProShot is the reel that includes. From there you can see the photos that we are doing with the application and check the EXIF data directly as well as share them on social networks, play recorded videos or send them to another application to do any final editing with VSCO Cam or Snapseed for example.

The application is for payment, 3.25 euros, and do not have trial version. After seeing a few apps of this style, ProShot is a good acquisition: easy to use, intuitive and with potential to improve our photos before editing them. Only make sure that your mobile of itself makes good photos. The app is good but not miracles.

ProShot photography

  • Price: 3,25 EUR
  • Developer: Rise Up Games
  • Download: Google Play