Playstation 2 Emulation Comes to Android, Though It Is Still Very Green

Last week we saw how the emulation on Android was a step forward to run Nintendo GameCube and Wii games. There still remained a little to show on our phones or tablets but the results were very promising. Now who wants to take the plunge is a legendary console: PlayStation 2 Although in this case it will touch us wait longer. Enough in fact.

Under the name of Play! We find the emulator of one of the most popular consoles of the history of video games. That Yes, what have been taught so far is far from being playable so as you warned that the video that you are going to see below, nearly thirteen minutes, is a tad torturous.

The challenge of emulating PlayStation 2

In the video you can see a demo where playing Final Fantasy X or rather they try because what we see is far from what it aspires to reach: many pulls, problems with display feeds… They will slowly, but at least we see graphically that the characters models or scenarios reproduces well.

You must take it easy because the very fact of loading a game like Final Fantasy X is quite an achievement already. Play! is still developing, and walk away from the final version that wants to offer us Android one of the most complete and entertaining sector catalogues. There are many games that have aged really well: Final Fantasy XII, Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry 3, God of War, Shadow of the Colossus…

Despite being in a very early phase (still)they have three months with him), we can join the development community and download it to try it on our device. I repeat, do not expect an emulator of PlayStation 2 functional because it goes very far from that still.