PacMan Bounce Is Probably The Best Game of PacMan to Have Seen Lately

Despite the popularity of PacMan, the truth is that Namco mascot has to be fun and relevant. Their games already do not hook as before and it is that despite being in all kinds of situations, it has never returned to convince. However, the Japanese company still has confidence in refloating the character and his latest adventure mobile paints really well.

With the name of PacMan Bounce We find a game where the PAC-man leaves the halls of neon to get into new mazes with the same pills and ghosts as enemies. However, the control changes completely and this time we won’t have to direct their movement, will have to shed him to go bouncing from one side to another.

Reinventing PacMan

Bounce is a combination of physical simple to remember vaguely Angry Birds and Cut the Rope. On this occasion, we will have to release PacMan with a strip Chinese and go bouncing in the right direction so you go collecting balls of energy and also avoiding ghosts. Saying so sounds simple, but as far as we can see in the video is going to be difficult.

Aesthetically, the game keeps part of the original essence and not gets in PacMan and the ghost become creatures shaped humans. Simple, much more colorful, and at first glance seems to be perfect for short games on your mobile. Bad thing? That still we have to wait.

The game has not yet come to Android and is that Namco at the moment you are only distributing it in Canada, something that has already happened in other games such as Final Fantasy Record Keeper that first began their old ways in this country, and later made the leap to the rest of the world. Probably repeat this situation and soon out on Android, we will keep you informed.