Not to Mention Free to Play, Says Free to Start. Nintendo Gives Clues about Their Mobile Games

There are eager to see the first steps of Nintendo in Android. They announced earlier this year, but since then have not stopped the dismissal to play with us. Have not finalized anything and every time Iwata speaks about the single topic gives us small clues that you provoke that we left us wanting more. His last encounter with investors has served to continue the intrigue.

The current CEO of Nintendo has made it clear which are the keys to the Japanese company for mobile games. After having studied the market today, they believe that the best possible option are free to play, or as the same dialed them, games free to start. A slight change with much meaning.

Turning to the concept of free to play

Iwata explained that the current mobile gaming market makes it difficult that the titles that are a slightly high price (we understand that he speaks of quantities between three and five euros) succeed. Many developers opt for 0.99 euro payments that sometimes accompanied shopping within the application. Given that scenario, the Japanese have decided to go for the free to start.

I.e. not charge first but according to progresses the game touches to proceed to checkout. This leaves not very clear If it would be possible to play without paying, something that Yes allow many free to play, though at times it becomes a headache if the design is not optimized to allow this via.

That Yes, Nintendo has made it clear that they don’t want to charge too much for their games. Without giving many details, is understood not to be what happens with other free to play where can get to spend a lot of money to move or get items. It is not the first time that they do this, in the free version of Pokémon Rumble for Nintendo 3DS There is a cap of money that we can not exceed.

One interesting possibility would be that the game was charging as you go and at the end, with the sum of each “episode” pay the full price. In this way we don’t have to pay for everything if us does not attract as advances or, simply, us not engage first. We’ll see how it progresses, but the only thing we want is that the pay model is as remote as possible to the music player of Pokémon that removed recently.